A day of quotes

Today the quote on the little page-a-day calendar was ‘The mind that is worried about the future is a miserable one.’ True. How very true, and how it hit home to me. I am much too concerned about what on earth my next step will be to try to chill out and enjoy what’s going on around me. 


My Mum is always writing down quotes and in some cases sticking them up on post-its in places I will see them. She is trying to help me and I love her for it. Today my sister wrote one down about smiling. It was about God smiling back, and I love her for it too. 

I re-read a lovely email I got recently after collaborating with another blogger, she was giving me some of her wisdom and experiences with a job in writing, and gave me lots of suggestions which I am very grateful for. Some things she said reminded me of this blog post: Life is Messy, which blew me away really and seems to sum up the theme of my day. (I highly recommend following Blue Bicicletta.)

I saw Les Miserables last night, it was amazing. I was unfamiliar with the story, but was able to follow easily. I was so impressed by Hugh Jackman’s performance. I was unprepared to cry but was caught out, without a tissue and after painstakingly trying to do upper eye-liner. It’s a wonderful film, but perhaps more importantly it was a catch-up with two of my best friends who I don’t see nearly as often as I should. They are a constant inspiration to me, I’m not even jealous I am so proud of them. And I as I said to C, it did my heart good to see them. 

When I came home I was trying to tidy the last of my Christmas presents that were still stranded in the utility room. My Mum had got one of those little handmade plaques personalised for me, this one said ‘Nothing is impossible to God. Lk 1:37’ I had teased her at the time for not writing anything on the back as she had for my sister. She has since written ‘Take care of the moments and the years will take care of themselves.’ – Cue more tears! 

I went back to yoga after work today, after a few months of not going… for the first time the teacher ended with a reflection about a big oak tree, and the postive affirmation repeated throughout? ‘I am strong.’


Author: Fiona


2 thoughts on “A day of quotes”

  1. a lovely post, fi 🙂 one of my new years resolutions is to make sure and take a step back before i be negative about something… and to concentrate on the good things.
    pat is just way too cute! seems like the universe wants to make sure you know you’re looked after xxx

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