I’m Fiona. Welcome to my blog. I’d wanted a ‘niche’ blog with a specific topic to stick to but I just don’t work that way! I’m a creative type, English and Philosophy degree, Journalism qualification, major bookworm, aspiring writer. I’m still very much seeking my place in the world, but wanting to make a difference where I am.

I’ve had to pick myself up and dust myself off again recently. Trying to keep connected to writing in one way or another, and keep hoping.

Here you will find book reviews, topical insights and opinions and #sendsomehappy a collaboration with ZoeProse to celebrate letters and post.

Words and lyrics are of utmost importance.

Happy reading. Make a connection, leave a trail.

12 thoughts on “About

  1. angel hartley says:

    your blog is super cute!
    I found it by accident because I am reading Harry Potter for the first time (gasp!) and thought; ‘I wonder how many people got a lightening bolt tattoo on their forehead because they loved Harry Potter so much?’ so I Googled ‘Harry Potter tattoo images’ and clicked on an image and here was your blog…
    I too love letters! If you want a letter from a girl in Germany, send me your address. I will write you a letter. Have a lovely day!

    • Fiona @ lifelyricslemoncake says:

      Hi Angel,

      What a lovely comment, thank you! How are you finding Harry? As an English Lit student I should probably be more snobby in my reading but I’ve always adored him as you may have gathered. Jealous of your new adventure reading it!
      I may just take you up on that, I would LOVE a letter from you.

  2. Angel Hartley says:

    I am very sorry that I didn’t respons sooner! I have been reading the blog but not the comments, I did check my inbox for an e-mail from you though! I can send you a letter from Germany for the next few days, but i am heading back to Canada then.
    Harry is fabulous! It has inspired me to do some writing of my own!
    hope all is fab

  3. Jody Kanton says:

    My oh my, what a lovely blog- or whatever they are called. I’m 62 and want to start a blog- one that will be noticed and followed. Like yours! I too, love to write but being a bit technologically challenged, I hoped you might help me get started! I have a lot to say and nowhere to say it? Would you be willing to mentor me? The only way I know u can heck me out is to look me up on Facebook. I’m not a weirdo etc. Well, maybe a git but not in a bad way. In a Scotch/ Irish way!! Am hoping to hear from u- I want to get started!! Have a lovely day and thank you! Blessings

    • Fiona @ lifelyricslemoncake says:

      Hey Jody, thanks so much! I’ve only been blogging a year or so and still feel new at it! WordPress gives you good pointers, I really would recommend them as your base! I’m unfortunately facebook-less at the moment.
      Just go for it! Content is my hardest part so if you have a lot, away you go!

  4. annewhitaker says:

    HI Fiona! Thanks for signing up to my blog and glad you liked “Just let me get old, ok?” – nothing like preparing decades in advance, eh what? Will sign up to yours. Looks interesting.

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