My Beauty Interview with Time To Talk Beauty

I’m very proud to say that I featured on ‘Time to Talk Beauty’ blog yesterday! I had such a lovely experience working with Miss G over there, a most wonderful writer, drummer, beauty-dabbler from Edinburgh who’s birthday happens to be today! Pay her a visit!

Time To Talk Beauty

If you love cake and conversation, the musical genius of Josh Ritter, and the poetic mystery of Northern Ireland, then you’re sure to adore the company of Derry-based writer Fiona as much as I do.

What is most important to you – feeling good or looking good; or a bit of both?

I would have to say feeling good, for now at least. However they both seem unavoidably intertwined. If I’m feeling good, I’m looking better! And of course if you feel you look good, you feel a bit more confident and have a bit more bounce. Fiona – Life, Lyrics, Lemoncake

What is in your bathroom cabinet?

Well, an exfoliating face wash, my skin seems to object if I stop using one. Right now it’s Superdrug’sDeep Action Facial Scrub. A skin toner, Olay essentialsrefreshing toner and cotton pads. Moisturiser… sporadically makes an appearance. I’m not so good at remembering to moisturise…

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Author: Fiona @ lifelyricslemoncake

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