Hello 2017

Happy New Year, blog. I’m full of hope, as ever. I really like the feeling on New Year’s Eve especially, and the promise of a bright clean new year full of possibilities. Thank you so much for reading in 2016. It’s been sporadic enough, I know. Perhaps I will try not let fear hold me back in 2017. My desire/ reluctance to write is laced with fear I think. Also, I have said it before but I like that my blog is my one link to writing when there is nothing else going on.

This year I have went to a few warm, funny, gifted meetings with Women Who Write. I have done a bit of freelance feature writing with a local newspaper, got some decent blog posts in, and wrote many a letter (snail mail!) for my friends and family. There was also a lot of writing involved in my Mammy’s recent 50th birthday celebrations, which went sooo well and she loved.

Today I read and was inspired by this article on Why You Should Aim for 100 Rejections a Year.

I got a little sad before I went to party with my two best friends last night. Yes. 3 person party. It was amazing. Just basically this: that I have been stuck in a rut for a few years and EVERY new year I hope that things will start falling into place. They have not so far! But don’t get me wrong I am extremely grateful to have a job, a brilliant family, wonderful friends and a good life. And my hoping is unfazed. I have to adjust my attitude, I know. I often have the feeling that I need to DO SOMETHING but I am still figuring out what.

I have been single for almost a whole year now, which is a first for adult me. I am not sure that I have made the most of it at all, but I definitely needed this time. I’m not pining for someone, although I do talk a good deal, and I think I am comfortable being on my own for now. I joke that my bullshit detector is finally working after all these years. I think I am going to be able to work out quite quickly if someone is just not treating me with enough respect, or I can’t see it going somewhere. The way of the world is not usually the way that I roll! So it’s difficult, it is, but relationships are important to me. And playing the game is not something I’m willing to do, soz.

Well that kind of went off on a tangent, but I am glad I was able to write something, however small, to start off the year. Thanks again for reading. A very, very happy and hopeful 2017 to you.

From The Gate of the Year by Minnie Louise Haskins. 




P.S Look at these persoanlised blog earrings my beautiful bride to be Ruth got me for Christmas. I love them! So thoughtful. ❤




My first Vinyl (aged 23) & The Beast

Last Friday, M collected me from work. After doing the late shift, as per usual, and with no prospect of a weekend to look forward to, I wasn’t in the best of moods. That is, until he reaches into the back seat as we pull up to my house, and hands me a present. Josh Ritter’s ‘The Beast in it’s Tracks’ (Or tBiiT as I have been affectionately calling it.) in a clear bag, the Limited edition vinyl, vinyl single. CD and lyric book. ‘How?’ It wasn’t supposed to be out until March 5th. But I had forgotten, Ireland always releases music early, the Friday before. And Cool Disks, a lovely wee independent music shop on Foyle Street, Derry always sticks to the ‘Irish’ rule of thumb although we are in the no man’s land of Derry/Londonderry. Excitement abounds. It’s my first vinyl, believe it or not, and I am pleased as punch with it. I haven’t actually got a record player but I would happily buy one.

I’m still in the first few listens (to the CD) and still making up my mind. (It’s Josh Ritter, I know I’m going to love it but I’m finding my reasons why right now!) It’s come out of pure heartbreak. This Hotpress article is really good about it. It’s a lot simpler album than ‘So Runs the World Away’ (2010) I feel like it’s something he just had to do…

Anyways, here are some of my excited photos: