Jimmy & Christina 11 November 2016

My wee (!)  brother Jimmy got married to the most exquisite bride I ever saw, Christina, on Friday. I know it hasn’t fully sank in yet! I had the honour of being a bridesmaid, and we had the most wonderful day.

My family is literally still on a high. It was such a blessed and genuinely happy day. It’s hard not to be totally happy for them as they have been the epitome of true love for many’s a year.

It’s been a beautiful experience. From sunrise in the gorgeous RoCo hair, giggles and the most perfect make up by Kendra. We were pampered and felt like princesses, I also feel like I have made a few new friends as we have been living in each other’s pockets this last week or so! I feel like the colours and happy memories of getting ready have been emblazoned into my mind. I really had a special, happy morning. Thank you Christina and Kendra, Clodagh and Kim at RoCo for such a great start to the big day.


These are just wee snapshots, a bridesmaid doesn’t have much time for photos, so we will rely on Natalie Doherty photographer extraordinaire for the ceremony photos and more. I’m not doing the day justice but I just wanted to document it a little.

The ceremony was at St. Patrick’s Church Pennyburn and we were delighted that Fr. Gerard Mongan officiated. He has been a great family friend from way back when when myself, Jimmy and best man Paddy were altar servers and he was a deacon 15 years ago! He made the Mass so personal and he was so generous and funny. It all ran completely smoothly and every guest was commenting on what a beautiful mass it was. Jimmy and Christina just lit up when they saw each other and it was an absolute privilege to witness their official and spiritual union.



The venue, The Redcastle Hotel and Spa is an absolute dream and I wish I could have stayed in the peaceful ocean view hotel for a week! It’s just across the border in Donegal and we got whisked there in a beautiful vintage car.


It rained but it hardly mattered and it was such a warm and right feeling to have all your family surrounding you to help two very loved and special people commit their lives to each other. It was touching to see how much my parents enjoyed it, how proud they were and how blessed they felt. I barely have a photo here but my 7 siblings and I are a source of pride (for some reason! Ha) to my mammy and daddy and they said they preferred it to their own wedding day because we were all there this time!!


How absolutely divine is my new sister-in-law?


Jacob really stole the show. He danced with 18+ people (he counted in bed the next morning) and he had the time of his life. My Daddy also had a great line in his tear inducing speech ‘For 20 years until Jacob came along, it was just you and me in a house full of hormones.’ He spoke directly to Jimmy about how much he loved and was proud of him and everyone was fighting down the feels. I was actually really proud of my Daddy and his speech (although he was so nervous) was just amazing. A lady came up and called him ‘heart man’ after it. Love is the most important.

Jimmy was almost annoyed at my Daddy for nearly setting him off before his speech. Jimmy also spoke straight from the heart and got choked up when he spoke about his new beautiful, kind and intelligent wife. I have the best men folk.


We danced the night away and some of the special requests were perfect. My parents had asked for The Obvious Child by Paul Simon as they always danced in the kitchen with the wee siblings to it. Everyone was up and it was a moment. Also the best man requested ‘Jimmy Jimmy’ by the Undertones and it was hilarious. The first dance was a Coldplay song Against the World and they were so beautiful and in love it would break your heart in the best possible way.


If I could always look this good at 2.am!


My room had a helicopter pad right outside. And the sea!


The view from the honeymoon suite balcony after breakfast next morning!


Way home 🙂

This beautiful photo from Ann-Marie Appleton.  Looove it. 


So once more a huge and heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS to the new Mr and Mrs Mc Callion. I love you two so much and am so very proud of you. Your wedding was a dream. Thank you for everything. So many people have been touched by this love story and this beautiful celebration. Have an unforgettable honeymoon in Mexico and New York. See you when you come home, for the next chapter.




Double Birthday

September is a big month for birthdays for me. I have already had a handful, a cinema trip with little sisters and a night out or two for friends’ birthdays. All those Christmas babies… ewww! 😀 (9 months after Christmas…)

Today is a very special day, on 23 September 2009, my BFF Aisling turned 21 and my little brother Jacob was born. I had just started my 4th day at Queens University, a few years after everyone else.

So today, my beautiful friend is 24. She’s a phD student and works so hard – she is doing super important work on Alzheimer’s research and it’s a cause very close to her heart. I’ve known her since the very first day of secondary school in 2000 and even though the distances have kept us apart over the years we have never lost contact or stopped loving each other! I am jealous of her good looks and her tattoos. I hope we are friends for the next 12 years and beyond! Happy 24th Birthday, George! P.S It’s Bruce Springsteen and KARL PILKINGTON’s birthdays today too!

If we could all give a wee donation to The Alzheimers Society and maybe follow them on Twitter: @alzheimerssoc, we would be giving her a lovely wee birthday pressie by helping her research continue AND we’d be doing a very good thing. She’s good like that. (Don’t worry Aisling, I will still get you a present!)

Next we have my little brother Jacob. Or Jake-meister as I like to call him. I can’t believe he’s 3 years old today! He came along to our huge family after 5 girls in a row, so he was a great wee surprise, even though I can’t admit to be that excited about his arrival beforehand, being 20 years old. I’m child no1, we have a brother who is child no.3, then it was lots of wee sisters before we got to the Jake-Meister. He is sometimes a little confused and thinks he is a sister, I reckon. All the dolls have gone to his head. You know how little kids pull their arms out of the sleeves of their coats, hang them on to their heads by the hood and then run around pretending their Superman? Jake used to do that and pretend it was his long hair, tossing it from side to side. Lately he has been watching the Batman cartoon and it was a sigh of relief when he loved the Batman figure I got him and Mr. Potato Head. I would have got him a Barbie if M let me. He is a wee light in my life and I love him to pieces, Happy 3rd Birthday Jake!

I’m lucky to have such great people in my life to celebrate with.