So, a little thought behind the name of my blog.

Life : I want to write thoughts and observations on life as I go along, and to keep it optimistic as much as I possibly can.

Lyrics: I am a sucker for lyrics. I love them. You’re going to be hearing ALL about him but Josh Ritter is my favourite singer/songwriter/artist ever, and it’s mostly because of the lyrics. The man is a lyrical genius, I tell anyone who will listen. I actually cried on first listening of his latest album, at a gorgeous song called ‘Lantern’.

Lyrics can also incorporate general writing…Writing a book is the only thing I have ambition towards in life, and I don’t do much writing at all, so here I am getting my practice on!

Lemoncake: I will admit that I got the idea from Aimee Bender’s new book ‘The Particular Sadness of Lemoncake‘ which I have not yet read, but am looking forward to! My Lemoncake can be anything fun, and I also think it has a very cute ring to it.


Wedding Songs (Love Month!)

This post was inspired by Clover at Fluttering Butterflies who is celebrating LOVE MONTH for February. I think its a fab idea!

The song that we have always talked about being our ‘first dance’ song if are ever lucky enough to walk down the aisle is a little hidden track on Coldplay’s ‘X and Y’ album called ‘Til Kingdom Come.’

We aren’t especially big Coldplay fans but it’s just one of those songs that really means something to us. I remember Mickey playing and singing it on a guitar in our friend’s house, at least a year before we got together and having to stop, embarrassed because he was playing it for me and I was completley oblivious. Ah my silly 16 year old self! It almost makes me cry listening to it, it’s so beautiful. Would it be too fast to dance to as a ‘first dance’ song?

Also, I am so interested to hear what songs people have played/want to play at their weddings. What about you?

The first three books of 2011

Before my January exams had even finished, I couldn’t help but start devouring a book or two that I had happily recieved for Christmas. First up was Room by Emma Donoghue.

The book seems to be everywhere at the minute, and incase you didn’t know, it’s about a young woman who has been kidnapped and shut up in a room for seven years. She bears a son, Jack and the story is told from his point of view, age five. He watches TV but doesn’t dream that any of it is real. He is settled and content in his 12 foot square world.

It’s difficult reading at times, his innocence contrasted to the horror that is actually going on is unsettling.

As Sarah Crown from The Guardian reports in August 2010 “To say Room is based on the Fritzl case is too strong,” she (Emma) says firmly. “I’d say it was triggered by it. The newspaper reports of Felix Fritzl [Elisabeth’s son], aged five, emerging into a world he didn’t know about, put the idea into my head. That notion of the wide-eyed child emerging into the world like a Martian coming to Earth: it seized me.”

It really is a riveting read, giving you plenty to talk and think about…

These were the next two – An Abundance of Katherines by John Green and I am the Messenger by Markus Zusak (The author of The Book Thief) I apparently need more practice at book reviews but I can highly recommend both. The John Green offering is funny – I am still using insults from it, sitzpinkler (German: literally, man who sits to pee.) And I am the Messenger is very original, touching, intriguing. I think it hooked me with the fact that Ed the cab driver’s next instruction comes written on a playing card that is posted to his shack. I also loved that his old dog is called The Doorman. Differences are made to lives.

Hopefully 2011’s further reading isn’t limited to tedious eighteenth century works. It’s looking hopeful, otherwise!

Great Expectations

Main Study station for 'Introduction to American Literature'

So, after the assignments and exams of January, (let’s not hold our breath, okay) I have started Semester 2 of the second year of my degree.

This semester I am studying Literature and Society (1850-1930) and Renaissance Literature as my English modules, and Philosophy of Mind as my minor Philosophy module.

There wasn’t a huge choice of English modules and these ones are going to be challenging, especially the Renaissance one. (Help me!) I’m already missing my Creative Writing module of semester 1.

However, I am heartened by new stationary to write on and neatly underline in red for the mean time, the fact that I have already read ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray’ and all the interesting books and lecturers that I will come across in the next twelve weeks or so.

The first book we are studying for Literature and Society is Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. It’s the first Dickens book that I have ever read and perhaps it’s a good omen for the new start!

Hello world!

Hello world indeed!

I finally made a blog. I am equally hopeful and nervous about this often-wondered-about step. I want to write and I think a blog is a decent opportunity to do that. I am planning on thoughts and ideas and stuff about reading and writing. I have been inspired by writers who’s blogs (mostly blog followers) have been a great help in their writing career/getting published. I am in awe of these people.

Me aged about four, excited for life- bring on the blog!

Thank you, WordPress, for the snazzy new blog and tools. Everything looks great and will definitely take me a while to get used to.

I said a quick prayer before I clicked that ‘sign up’ button- that this blog will be a positive

and beneficial thing to you and me, world, as the promising year 2011 starts to gain momentum…