The Light Between Oceans


Okay, it has been a while, I miss doing book reviews and a LOVELY girl called Laura whom I was at school with and used to work with pops in to my current job sometimes and her and her hubby bum me up about my blog, they demanded more book reviews so here we go. (Hi Laura and Eoin!)

I had been wanting to read The Light Between Oceans by M.L Stedman for a long time. I picked it up in work quite a lot, and when I heard it was soon going to be a film I thought no time like the present.

The crying persisted. The door of the lighthouse clanged in the distance, and Tom’s tall frame appeared on the gallery as he scanned the island with the binoculars. ‘Izzy!’ he yelled, ‘A boat!’ He vanished and re-emerged at ground level. ‘It’s a boat alright,’ Tom declared. ‘And -oh cripes! There’s a bloke, but-‘ The figure was motionless, yet the cried still rang out. he hoisted out a woollen bundle: a woman’s soft lavender cardigan wrapped around a tiny, screaming infant.

Tom Sherbourne, released from the horrors of the First World War, is now a lighthouse keeper, cocooned on a remote Australian island with his young wife Izzy, who is content in everything but her failure to have a child.

One April morning, a boat washes ashore carrying a dead man- and a crying baby. Safe from the real world, Tom and Izzy break the rules and follow their hearts.

A decision with devastating consequences.

This is a beautiful, difficult book mostly about love. And ‘a story about right and wrong, and how sometimes they look the same.’

You do really try to think what you would do in this situation, on a tiny island with nothing but a lighthouse on it, and three painful miscarriages, and so much love in your heart.

Tom is reeling from WW1 when he takes this quiet post on the windswept island of Janus. He tends to ‘the light’ with as much care and dedication possible. The reverence with which all who are responsible for the light protect it is poetic and beautiful .

Later, when the old man spoke about the light, his voice changed, as though he were talking about a faithful dog or a favourite rose.

I have always have a fascination, a romantic notion of lighthouses. When and if I grow up I’d love to live in one and fill it with books. No big deal. The writing is absolutely beautiful, and I love how everything is thick with salt on the island. Salt lends itself wonderfully to prose.

On a visit back to the mainland, he meets Isabel Graysmark, she’s 10 years younger and knows what she wants as soon as she sees it. She arrives in his life full force and they are soon married. After so much heartbreak, the arrival of Lucy seems to be an answer to Izzy’s prayer. Tom wavers in his strict records and they go against every regulation little by little. By the time he realises what they have done it is too late.

This book is so, so worth reading. It made me weep. It really is a beautiful story, masterfully told. Been recommending it to everyone. Michael Fassbender better not mess this up.



Author: Fiona

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