Mood Walk Update and Thank You


So, we did the Aware NI Mood Walk last night. It finally stopped raining (The dementors were circling after the EU Referendum results) and we had a sunny 10k walk in our fetching yellow tshirts. It’s a lovely route starting at Ebrington and along the Waterside Greenway and back over the Foyle Bridge, up along the Quay. Had my very best girls Aisling and Caoimhe and we put the world to rights while walking (and shouting when passing over the windy bridge).

It felt good to be raising money to help those with Depression and Bipolar, everyone has loved ones affected and it’s such an important cause. Especially on a day of such uncertainty, it was nice to be a bright spot on the horizon, literally. There was a great turn out, music to see us of and a really nice atmosphere.

I just really wanted to say a big THANK YOU to all my readers and social media friends who donated, between the three of us we raised about £240 for Aware, which I am very proud of.

We were raging we forgot to take proper pictures. But weren’t we all looking well after the event. Thank you Caoimhe for the pictures! Bring on next year. And if you ever find yourself in the hateful, dark place of depression, please reach out, again and again to those around you.

My JustGiving site one more time, for pure cheekiness. I’m hopefully working on a few book reviews today for you. Thank you, lemon cakes x



Author: Fiona

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