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I have been nominated by the beautiful, talented old Journalism colleague RedHead Beauty Blogs in The Beauty Tag. I do not claim to know anything about beauty, so I will give it my best shot. I’m going to cheat a bit, if you want to take part go ahead! I quite enjoyed it. Thank you Natalie! Please visit Natalie’s lovely beauty blog and subscribe to her YouTube channel. She has the cutest Coleraine accent! Tee hee. And she’s very talented with a make-up brush. I miss that girl. We need a reunion so badly!

Rules for this tag:

  • Tag the blogger that nominated you
  • Answer the questions you were given
  • Nominate 10 or so Bloggers whose blog is about beauty fashion or lifestyle
  • Name 10 questions for your nominees to answer
  • Inform the bloggers you nominated


  1. What is your favourite beauty product and why?

At the moment I am really liking my first wee brow kit I bought online. It’s ‘Brow Fix Brow Kit’ by Milani. It contains 2 brow powders, 1hi-lite powder, 1 mini tweezer, 1 mini bow brush and 1 mini sponge applicator. I actually probably badly need my eyebrows shaped but I just pluck them myself and do my eyebrows when I feel like it. It makes me feel better at work sometimes and if I’m going out.

MBF-03 Brow Fix Kit_Dark 3244A-01

2. What are your pet peeves?

Rude customers, who that patronise and talk down to me at work. Or who insist on remaining in the shop after closing time and after they have been asked to take their purchases to the till. Male customers who ‘corner’ female members of staff and say inappropriate things, touch,  and really push it because they can, the woman can’t tell them where to go. See also public transport!

3. Favourite fashion trend ATM?

I’m so out of touch, I have no idea. Have been sporadically going to yoga so I have bought some new sports gear. I like the sports leggings in black, but also my yoga teacher has some really jazzy ones. I have a bright pink vest and black leggings and I feel really good when I wear them. I have noticed cool people wearing sporty leggings as normal day wear and I approve of this trend.

4.What made you start blogging and why?

I think, being a writer at heart, the advent of the internet was so exciting as there was new access to writers and more connections. I became obsessed with certain blogs like and the blogs of Keris Stainton and Fluttering Butterflies etc. I got so much pleasure from reading other writers’ words from their everyday life, book blogs and getting my comments answered. It just suddenly dawned on me that maybe I could be part of this too. I kept my blog secret for months and only when I had published a backlog of posts did I make it live.

5.Dinner with one person dead or alive…who would it be?

This is a difficult one. I really do feel that the people I am surrounded by are the important ones. Everyone knows, obviously Josh Ritter. Ha. But I am thinking I would love a chance to talk to J.K Rowling. I admire that woman so much. I actually wouldn’t even talk I would just absorb anything that she had to say.

6. If you had to choose one brand whether it’s beauty or fashion what would it be?

Ahh. Perhaps No.7 because I use their foundation and concealer everyday. But I am not a real girl in that I am just not into brands or beauty or fashion that much!

7.Do you have a favourite movie?

My favourite movie, or film as we say in Norn Ireland, was always Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. But I also ADORE ‘About Time’ as well. It’s the only film that makes me sob in a frightening manner any time that I watch it. And Dohmnall Gleeson and Bill Nighy are amazing.


8. Do you have a quote that keeps you motivated?

I really like quotes. It changes. The one my Mum stuck on the bathroom mirror this week was from John’s Gospel, ‘At the moment you do not know what I am doing, but later you will understand.’ Jn 13.7 I got comfort from this. She does try to aim them at whoever is struggling that week. I think this one was for me!

9.If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?

I would really like to live in Edinburgh! I have never really lived away from home and I have visited Edinburgh several times, and I really like the thought of living there.

10. What are your current TV shows?

I really enjoyed ‘Thirteen’ on BBC iPlayer. I’m watching ‘The Night Manager’ but I’m not 100% convinced. I do love Olivia Colman though. I recently started watching Call the Midwife on Netflix and Aisling is right, I do cry at every episode. It’s so good. And I’m getting braver with watching childbirth!

Thank you for tagging me Natalie! I’m not going to tag 10 people as I don’t follow many beauty blogs. I will tag Time to Talk Beauty, as this is how we kind of met many years ago, if you want to do it you can answer the same questions Natalie asked me.

Author: Fiona @ lifelyricslemoncake

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