Book Thoughts: the Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith

I love Harry Potter and I love J.K Rowling. How am I only reading this now? Truth be told I wasn’t very impressed by The Casual Vacancy. It was a little over my head and I couldn’t connect with the characters.

Anyway I was loaned this about a year or more ago and it has sat on my shelf until about 3 weeks ago, when the third book Career of Evil landed into work and I thought it looked really good.


The book manager who I really get along with in work can’t get passed the protagonist’s name: Private Detective Cormoran Strike. However he is the illegitimate son of a rockstar and I know how J.K Rowling loved to collect and create unusual names for Harry Potter. I found this character genuine and instantly likeable.

Gary kept saying things like, ‘but he has one leg and pube hair and sleeps in his office.’ But I love an underdog!

I’d never really read crime, but this wasn’t something too gruesome. The model falling to her death seemed clichéd- what did it remind me of – An Interpretation of Murder by Jed Rubenfeld? The blurbs are very alike. But Lula Landry’s life was interesting and complicated and it was definitely entertaining trying to spot the murderer, if in fact it wasn’t suicide.

I liked the character of Robin, drafted in as Strike’s temp receptionist, but harbouring dreams of working as a Detective herself. It was very interesting to see Robert Galbraith writing this male main character who was often checking out women almost inherently, Robin’s boobs were always being figure hugged and sexy Polish cleaners bums being appraised. It was just odd. I was saying J.K rowling is this awesome wise feminist, she can do no wrong by my account so I expect all her protagonists to be asexual and morally perfect, haha. So this was definitely a talking point, I think.

Strike’s personal life kind of falls apart and he tries to keep it to himself in order not to be judged. I didn’t think less of him. I was rooting for him no many how many McDonalds he ate or how much he threw up in the bathroom of his office.

There are some really colourful characters, well painted as always by Galbraith! Guy Somé the camp fashion designer who claimed Lula was his muse and dubbed her Cuckoo. Rochelle Onifade the poor ‘tag-along’ friend of Lula’s. Freddie Bestigui the creepy film producer who lived in the apartment below.

It’s a really easy to read interesting and engaging story. I really enjoyed it and I can’t wait to read the next two. Can’t believe I ever doubted J.K Rowling, or Robert Galbraith.


Author: Fiona

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