Send Some Happy: The kind of post I would like…

Send Some Happy is a blog series with myself and the ever inspiring Zoe from Zoeprose We are both long-time snail mail and letter lovers, and we have some exciting post-themed blog posts up our sleeves for the next few months. But really, this isn’t about us, it’s about inspiring you to join us in promoting post. Each post Zoe and I will add a little challenge, if you feel so inclined to join us in sending happy post. It will probably be something fairly simple- we are all busy people- but a way to encourage you and us in our post sending. Share your thoughts/ pictures by using the hashtag #sendsomehappy on twitter or instagram.

Hoping to read this soon/next. Love letters are my favourite.

A surprise hand written letter full of love to make me blush and cry. Everyone likes to know what they mean to another.

A job offer for the perfect one… as yet undreamed up.

A funny note from a far away friend full of hilarious stories and juicy gossip. Other people’s lives, especially those you love are endlessly interesting.

Birthday cards and even better…letters!

A mysterious package without the Amazon branding. Hand put together. How exciting.

A formal letter from a publishing company with the best news. Imagine. My heart stops to think of it. Really better get writing, then.

Invitation to important and joyful celebrations in friends lives.

Thick parchment paper and ink with secrets and stories.

Mostly I think it’s the love of people and words and my penchant for the old fashioned that drives my passion for post! There’s a chance to be creative and get inspired and reach out to people. I do think that I equally like plotting and putting together something for a friend to enjoy. I really believe that everyone likes a letter. The other day in work a colleague said he might send his girlfriend ‘something from the postman’ for their anniversary. I just started telling him to write a love letter and got really into it and he was just looking at me like…’I dunno about a LOVE letter…’ Ha.

My challenge for you is to have a think about the kind of thing you would love to receive from the dear postie, and then recreate it for someone else. It will brighten their day and have them showing off on Instagram! As long as they use our hashtag #sendsomehappy !


Author: Fiona @ lifelyricslemoncake

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