Alternative CV – A creative writer type

Craving creativity.

A trained journalist with a degree in English and a little bit of Philosophy.

Passion for books and reading and words. A logophile.

A love of listening to people’s stories.

Social media bug arising from a desire to connect and reach out to people.

11 GCSES with a smattering of starred A’s.

3 solid A Levels.

A need to avoid retail.

Six years experience in a busy Opticians which was customer orientated, retail and reception and more.

A hard worker, a friendly face, a good team-mate.

A keen learner, a curious discover, creative minded.

Appreciator of beautiful things. Clean designs.

Fan of old fashioned snail mail for correspondence.

Volunteered happily at children’s book festivals ( a volunteer manager!) and children’s summer schemes.

Six months placement experience at a busy local newspaper. Plenty of by lines I could show you.

An award for excellence in Journalism.

Three years solid creative blogging.

Genuine person with a lot to give!

Confidence newly blossomed in the last few years.

Give me Journalism. Give me publishing. Give me a book review job. Give me means to write a novel. I might break my retail rule to sell books for now. The wishy washy Arts have my heart.

Let me use my strengths and loves to earn a wage and be dignified. Allow me to grow and find my way and feel fulfilled.

Half tongue in cheek. Half serious. Get in touch allusive UK creative head hunters!

References available on request. Also normal CVs.

Picture from here.
Picture from here.



Derry, Ireland



Author: Fiona

4 thoughts on “Alternative CV – A creative writer type”

  1. Love this Fiona, such a refreshing approach to your job search, best of luck; I would hire you in a heartbeat if I could x

  2. the most beautiful CV I’ve ever read – may it go places, take you with it. But the art’s aren’t wishy-washy. Au contraire, they’re demanding, enthralling, scarey, celebratory – take it from one who fled back to science!

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