Humble Christmas – But not yet!

Oh my wee blog. You’re sorely neglected and I miss you lots and lots. Much like the friends and family who’ve become even more neglected since I started being all studenty journalisty.

I want to do an update soon on how everything is going, from my double page spread in the Sunday Journal yesterday, to my first Vox Pop on Friday, oh horror, and how the old Tee line is going.

But for now, I just wanted to give my nearest and dearest this Christmas message/warning. As you all know, I have for now given up employment in my pursuit of my all-consuming journalism course. Therefore I have much less money to play about with this year, and when I ever get around to buying presents they will just be small ‘tokens.’

I’m a wee bit skint but I certainly don’t love you any less, and this just seemed the easiest way to get it out there. I’m very sorry about this. 

If I was crafty I would knit or fashion you something beautiful, but alas. Maybe some day. I dropped into the annual Christmas Craft Fair in the Guildhall here in Derry yesterday and the gorgeousness was overwhelming. Actually, I haven’t written a letter in a long time. (I’m so sorry Abbye!) So if anyone wants to do this, with or without a little present, that would be nice? Christmas letters! 

Above the Craft Fair in the beautiful Guildhall at the weekend.
Above the Craft Fair in the beautiful Guildhall at the weekend.

So anyway, if you were thinking of buying me something just keep it small, or text me and say we are boycotting presents this year. I love giving presents so I don’t want to give it up, I just need to kick the habit of giving one person five things because one didn’t seem enough. 

We’re hoping for a job for my Dad soon. It’s been very difficult for him, but he’s a man of faith. I’m very proud of him. My Mum says we are having a ‘humble Christmas.’ We all are. And it will be lovely. 

Um, what are you doing with that reindeer Santa?
Um, what are you doing with that reindeer Santa?

Author: Fiona

6 thoughts on “Humble Christmas – But not yet!”

  1. oh Fi! I am definitely up for a humble Christmas!
    it sounds like you’re having a wonderful time full of brilliantly challenging opportunities!

  2. What a wonderful post. Let’s have Christmas! Of course, I’ve already had my Christmas presents from you – your courage in following your dream, your guts in doing what tasks are asked, the example of your willingness to try – to live adventurously! [is this even spelt right?!] But a letter – ah, one from me to you is so overdue.

    thank you – you’re an inspiration

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