Gemini Twins

I get the bus home from work almost every day. No one really talks, unless they know each other. Sometimes from the area I live in, there’s a bit of a rough clientèle. Anyway, as I was sitting trying to get my 3G working and ignore the possibly alcoholic, friendly, but crazy couple who were in seats near me, a pretty blonde lady got on the bus burdened with bags and an umbrella, and sat beside me. We bustled to fit her in and then she asked me how I found the recent Fleadh that was held here, and ignoring the memories of the day before’s horrendous work-hangover I told her I had a great time. She asked where I worked and I told her. But not for long, I’m packing it in, (perhaps stupidly) I informed her, to pursue a writing career, first stop a NCTJ approved Professional Newspaper Journalism course in the local NWRC . She was interested in this, I told her ‘I just want to write.’ (True)

‘Are you a Gemini?’ she asked immediately.


‘That’s so typical of Gemini. I’m a Gemini too.’

‘What? Writing? Creativity?’

‘Yes, yes, both! Geminis are creative, look it up!’

I had never heard this before. No one had ever deduced my star sign from what I told them. So many coincidences followed. Her dream was to write a book, a novel. Me too. She was worried she wasn’t cut out for Journalism because she wasn’t that interested in current affairs. (Me too! Gulp.) I actually pointed her in the direction of my blog, told her to bookmark me. I better buck up my ideas then, eh? Anyway, shortly before I got off she asked me my name. When I told her she burst out laughing and buried her head in her knees.

‘What, what? Is your name Fiona, too?’

She laughed as she nodded. I encouraged her to write, I told her to look up the course that I’m doing. She said it was amazing the universe had brought us together, people who are so similar and have the same wish and hopes, and I agree with her! I left the bus with a wave and a smile, and I know we were happy to meet each other.

So if you are reading this other Gemini Fiona, hello! Thanks for brightening my Tuesday. And everyone else, thank you for reading. Please take a little hope from this. Hope is my new favourite thing.

This is vaguely relevant and always makes me cry in a hopeful way (Especially when my younger siblings sing it while watching the AMAZING movie.) Also see ‘Through Heaven’s Eyes’ from the same film.


Author: Fiona

8 thoughts on “Gemini Twins”

  1. You will have to add in a bit about the gemini triplets now lol still can’t believe I met her randomly and she was talking about this exact event.
    Lots of love

  2. I found your blog by chance because I was watching Miranda July’s film “Me and You and Everyone We Know,” and something about Miranda July reminded me of Virginia Woolf (a certain ethereal quality, I think). Love the quote you chose for your blog’s header. Anyway, I’m currently working towards an English degree and am also an aspiring journalist – so, best of luck in all things literary/journalistic!

    If you’d like, you can read some of my work here:ë-miller

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