Movie Monday: Lars and the Real Girl

A real gem of a film. Like one of the reviews I read, it’s impossible to describe it from the plot, it doesn’t do it justice. Ryan Gosling is brilliant as Lars, a 27-year-old man, who seems unable to emotionally connect with anyone, despite his sister-in-law Carin’s (Emily Mortimer) best efforts. He lives in a converted garage next door to his brother Gus and his wife, and he constantly refuses their invites to dinner, offers to move in with them. He brightens when Bianca arrives, but Carin and Gus are appalled to find that Bianca is basically a sex doll from the internet. However, Lars treats her with the utmost respect and gentlemanly kindness and love. She stays in the pink room in Carin and Gus’ house, as she is a missionary and it would not be right for them to stay in the same house. The kind family doctor and psychiatrist ‘treats’ Bianca every week, and uses this time to chat to Lars. He is suffering a delusion, she says, go along with it. The whole town goes along with it, and it is the most touching and wonderful film. It comes to a perfect conclusion, although the tears were tripping me, as my Mum says. A love story but not as you know it. It’s a must see.

frenchrealgirlThe French poster (from here). Coolness. Sums up ‘Lars and the Real Girl’ 2007 really well.


Author: Fiona

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