Psychologies: Ain’t no Beauty Magazine

Know More. Grow More. That’s the tag-line for Psychologies magazine – for ‘life-curious women.’ I glanced at it in the waiting room of work a few times, and then asked Santa for a subscription. I have no time for ‘beauty magazines’ as that Sunscreen song goes, they only make you feel ugly. This is a wonderful, mostly positive, interesting magazine that seems to be mainly about enhancing your life and knowing yourself better. It’s not blatantly about the mind and psychology, although I would be interested in that, I don’t think I would buy a speciality psychology magazine.

I love Sally Brampton’s column on the last page, and David Baddiel’s is always really good as well. The letters from readers are always so complimentary and relieved at finally finding the perfect magazine. I wish I had gotten a look at the February edition, it seemed to be out of this world, I wonder if I could get my hands on it? I received my first magazine on the 1st February, but it was the March edition.

They always do a 3 reasons to read/ 3 reasons to watch review slash feature and so far I’ve wanted to run out and buy every book that they have recommended. April’s edition ‘Life after Life’ by Kate Atkinson.

It’s a ray of light, and I love having my first magazine subscription. I recommend it.

Know more. Grow more.



Website: Psychologies


Author: Fiona

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