Meet Buttons & Brave

They got delivered to Fort Will.I.Am on 10/11/12. They are cute as can be. My first pet that isn’t a goldfish.

Brave is inspired by the film Disney animated film Brave, and is the bravest of the two belive it or not. We don’t seem to bother her/him much (yes…we still don’t know, can’t get close enough to see.) and she will walk around quite happily. Buttons was named after her button nose, her cuteness and I was going for a Coraline theme too !

I’m terrified we are doing it wrong. Most kittens I have come across (there hasn’t been many) are playful and friendly. Ours were from a stray litter. I’m not sure of their age but they were at least 6 weeks when we got them. I think 8 or 9. They aren’t vicious or anything, they just run like bejaysus when you get anywhere near them or make any sort of semi-sudden movement. My best achievement has been coaxing Brave to take little pieces of ham from my hand, though he bit me twice believing my finger to be MOAR HAM. Last night I attempted to stroke them while they were eating said ham and I just about got away with it. We know they shouldn’t be allowed to hide but they find hiding places everywhere, and they were so good at using the litter until we let them go outside the room, and Buttons has pooed on the upstairs carpet several times 😦 We had a kind of comical evening where M didn’t get to bed until 2.30 am because they were hiding under the recliner in the living room and they would NOT come out, and we can’t leave them for fear they would poo in the wrong places.

We have plenty of little toys and wet and dry kitten food. They rejected a bed that belonged to M’s brother’s cat even though it had been machine washed, they sleep quite happily of the little sofa, and we got them a flat furry bed yesterday which they seem happy with. I make sure they see us putting their food in the bowl and now they come straight up to the bowl but still freak out if you make sudden movements. It’s only been about two weeks, do you think they will come around? Everyone saying we should scoop them up but it just doesn’t seem possible!

Anyway I’m so glad to have them. I hope they live happy and loved lives with us for a long time.

Many thanks to twitter friends for advice. Any more advice would be greatly appreciated.


Author: Fiona

8 thoughts on “Meet Buttons & Brave”

  1. Being a part of their feeding routine will help build the bond of trust. When you feed them, try and gently pet them. They love food, and they will grow to love the person giving it to them (like with the ham). Another way to build trust is by playing with them. If you have any cat toys (like fake mice, fuzzy balls, or the like) try throwing them and see if they chase them. You can also take an old shoe string and drag it along the floor, or wiggle it in front of them. Most cats love playing with strings. Try making a routine of playing first, then feeding. If you keep doing these things, trust will build, and the kitties will start to come out of their shells.

    1. Thank you! Much appreciated. There seems to be mixed opinions on whether you should stroke them while they are eating. Would it put them off? We get different responses when trying to play with them. We have a long purple tail like thing on a stick for them to play with and they watch it like hawks when we wave it about 🙂 Thanks again!

  2. They look just like Black Spot did – one of Poppy’s kittens! I’d say just keep going, make sure you do interact with them and don’t just leave them to it or they will stay in their ways! My parents cats were 7 weeks old and had been allowed to run wild until then, and the other from the litter who weren’t treated as pets continued that way. We kept them in a carrier, took them to the vets to get wormed and gendered, then stroked them eventually. They will wriggle but in the end realise you’re not a threat and that it will happen whether they like it or not!! xx

    1. Thanks again Zoe, I should have specifically mentioned you in my post 🙂 Yes, we will/do …I try to stroke them when I give them little bits of food. They do panic but they come back. I know we need to pick them up but it just seems impossible! Thank you xx

  3. From a psychological point of view (check me out thinking i know-it-all), I think it’s a good idea to attempt to play with/stroke them before giving them food. They’ll eventually make the link! Defs wanna see them still 🙂 even though I don’t really know how to act around cats hahaha x

    1. Good advice! Usually we have to lure them out with food though, so that’s the problem haha. I only try to stroke them when hand feeding them wee bits, not when they are at their bowl. Hmm. Yes and the wains in my house have to see them still!

  4. Aaah, they are lovely. It’s hard to be patient when you just want a lovely wee kitty to be sitting on your lap. Definitely worth persevering until they come to you, but I don’t recommend stroking them while they’re eating: it’s the one time when cats are close to defenseless, so you don’t want them to lose trust, and also, do you like being poked while you’re eating????!! No! Let kitties eat in peace, then harass them for cuddles the rest of the day!

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