Double Birthday

September is a big month for birthdays for me. I have already had a handful, a cinema trip with little sisters and a night out or two for friends’ birthdays. All those Christmas babies… ewww! 😀 (9 months after Christmas…)

Today is a very special day, on 23 September 2009, my BFF Aisling turned 21 and my little brother Jacob was born. I had just started my 4th day at Queens University, a few years after everyone else.

So today, my beautiful friend is 24. She’s a phD student and works so hard – she is doing super important work on Alzheimer’s research and it’s a cause very close to her heart. I’ve known her since the very first day of secondary school in 2000 and even though the distances have kept us apart over the years we have never lost contact or stopped loving each other! I am jealous of her good looks and her tattoos. I hope we are friends for the next 12 years and beyond! Happy 24th Birthday, George! P.S It’s Bruce Springsteen and KARL PILKINGTON’s birthdays today too!

If we could all give a wee donation to The Alzheimers Society and maybe follow them on Twitter: @alzheimerssoc, we would be giving her a lovely wee birthday pressie by helping her research continue AND we’d be doing a very good thing. She’s good like that. (Don’t worry Aisling, I will still get you a present!)

Next we have my little brother Jacob. Or Jake-meister as I like to call him. I can’t believe he’s 3 years old today! He came along to our huge family after 5 girls in a row, so he was a great wee surprise, even though I can’t admit to be that excited about his arrival beforehand, being 20 years old. I’m child no1, we have a brother who is child no.3, then it was lots of wee sisters before we got to the Jake-Meister. He is sometimes a little confused and thinks he is a sister, I reckon. All the dolls have gone to his head. You know how little kids pull their arms out of the sleeves of their coats, hang them on to their heads by the hood and then run around pretending their Superman? Jake used to do that and pretend it was his long hair, tossing it from side to side. Lately he has been watching the Batman cartoon and it was a sigh of relief when he loved the Batman figure I got him and Mr. Potato Head. I would have got him a Barbie if M let me. He is a wee light in my life and I love him to pieces, Happy 3rd Birthday Jake!

I’m lucky to have such great people in my life to celebrate with.


Author: Fiona

2 thoughts on “Double Birthday”

  1. Aww what a lovely post from the loveliest of friends! Thanks for all your kind words, too kind mostly! Imagine we’ve been besties for 12 years, I can’t wait to see what the next 12 brings us 🙂 And thanks for your Alzheimer’s Society mention, i’ve seen first hand what great work they do. And that money will also go towards helping out patients and their carers, which is equally as important as furthering our research.
    Hope Jake-meister had a brilliant birthday too! Big sisters are the best, he’s so lucky to have one as good as you 🙂

    Love you loads my beautiful twin xxx

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