Tennant’s Vital – Foo Fighters 2012

Hello ! I’m just still coming down from a wonderful day had yesterday at Tennant’s Vital festival where Foo Fighters were headlining.

It will be remembered for:

  • The big thunder and lightning storm and the heaviest rain I think I have ever seen that continued most of the way along the motorway as we drove to Belfast.
  • Having to go to the back of a seemingly never ending queue of festival goers to enter the venue even though we were there at 3.30pm in time for the gates.
  • Said rain and thunder starting up again as we waited. Being SOAKED and not really caring. Tickets nearly falling to pieces in the downpour in the few minutes they had to be exposed.
  • Disappointment of there being no actual way to get wristbands for the pit, we had set out hearts on it this time. M even tweeted Foo Fighters, asking.
  • Bumping into the birthday boy, my brother, who was wearing a Justin Bieber mask, bought me a drink, and was generally having the time of his life.
  • Getting to wear my pink ‘NI Our Time, Our Place’ plastic poncho from the Peace One day concert, and feeling like I was truly a festival queen with my plastic pint glass in hand.
  • Time passing really quickly between acts because I was having a laugh with lovely friends.
  • M’s holding-2-pints-and-a-wasp-attacked-him dance. He was NOT HAPPY when we laughed.
  • That concert feeling when the lyrics get you.
  • Not being able to see the stage really at all due to your 5’4 height and the crowds, but it not mattering too much.
  • Dave’s wee daughter Violet.
  • Dave Grohl shouting at a girl who was ‘talking on her motherf***ing cell phone’ and dedicating ‘This Is A Call’ to the receiver of the call. For all the OLD Foo Fighter fans.


All my crew, and my birthday boy brother, 2nd from right, and his crew. Happy Birthday jimmy!


Mark someone from The Only Way is Essex, Holly Willoughby and Bieber ! What’s the chances?!


My very own Foo Fighter 🙂 Wouldn’t like them or probably know much about them if it wasn’t for this man.

Dave !


Would love to have been closer, but M’s skills and my camera zoom was good. :0 We were closer than we realised, too. Dave Grohl in the flesh!





Loving it !


Aftermath. Field of empty cups, and a long walk to the car. Beautiful.


Lots of the feelings I had about it were similar to those at the Milton Keynes Concert last July. Maybe because Foo Fighters are so mixed up in my relationship with M, it really does mean something to me and knocks at my heart when I sing with thousands of people lyrics that have been a backdrop to my youth. Even before Foo Fighters came onstage, the whole atmosphere of the concert, coupled with the mini-holiday feeling, and the hard time I’ve been putting myself through lately, I felt first and foremost young, and carefree and happy. I have no idea where my life is going, and I’m 23 now… the ‘young’ feelings may not last much longer, but it was a day full of life’s moments and I am thankful for it. I grabbed for M and Caoimhe’s hand when Dave led the soft singing of ‘Wheels his little wide-eyed daughter Violet was onstage with him, and he had tears in his eyes and everyone just backed him up, the lyrics are so apt for me right now.

Well, you wanted something better man

You wished for something new

Well, you wanted something beautiful

Wished for something true

Been lookin for a reason man

Something to lose
When the wheels come down (When the wheels come down)

When the wheels touch ground (When the wheels touch ground)

And you feel like it’s all over

There’s another round for you

Copied from MetroLyrics.com


Thank you Foo Fighters ! My third time seeing you was a charm. May your music always make us feel young and happy.

P.S To the friends I couldn’t find, Dermott and Paddy, I hope you’s had a great gig. D you will be glad to know that my 3 pints were Tennants ! There wasn’t much choice…

Author: Fiona @ lifelyricslemoncake


One thought on “Tennant’s Vital – Foo Fighters 2012”

  1. Nice write up Fiona. It was a brilliant gig! Shane had the best day ever I think (hope).

    ‘White Limo’ first caused me to go crazy. It is my fav Foo’s tune, hearing it live confirmed that!

    Tennents is amazing, I’ve been telling you for ages haha.

    Glad you had a great one.

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