Peace One Day Concert Derry 21st June 2012

My BFF and me arrive at Ebrington for Peace One Day. It doesn’t feel like Derry

On Thursday I went to the Peace One Day concert that was organised by Jeremy Gilley. My lovely best friend Aisling had a spare ticket and she very generously asked me to come. It was the day I got my degree results and it was perfect timing to celebrate! I am really glad Derry is the City of Culture 2013 and this is hopefully the start of very many exciting events that our city has been missing for a long time. It had a different atmosphere, and it was an alcohol free event, so it thankfully passed off happily and peacefully and it was a real pleasure to be part of it!  Imelda May was amazing, so much energy, everyone was dancing even if they weren’t familiar with her, and I am now a fan of Newton Faulkner! He tried somewhat in vain to get the crowd to sing along to a new song of his, before being visibly happily taken aback at everyone knowing ‘Dream Catch Me’ and singing unprompted! (How DOES everyone know that?)

I was proud of my city and delighted that they are getting this chance. Long may it last! Would be great to see some of these acts back here soon. Here’s to peace one day, and everyday!

My sister Clare (The big Newton Faulkner Fan!) and her friend Stacey
Aisling is LegenDerry!
Jude Law !
Pulling scary faces. “You have a bridge!!”
The Wonder Villains – local Derry band done good!
The Wonder Villains
Guillemots – Fyfe Dangerfield walked past the queue to get over the Peace Bridge and Aisling and me knew there was something about him. But it was too late! Aisling says: Doesn’t the shadow look like Keenan and Kel? 😀

Pretty starry backdrop. So professional and lovely for Derry!
Newton Faulkner. My sister was dying to see him. He was brilliant, and so smiley and gracious. I’m a fan!
Newton and his crowd!

Take everything you know, and write it on your skin, then you can carry on, and forget everything…
The beautiful, talented, make-you-want-to-dance Imelda May (and she’s 7 months pregnant – NO BOTHER to her!)

That guitarist is her hubby 🙂 They are cute. She said ‘I’m Imelda May and a half!’ She is so charismatic and lovely and brilliant.
One more Jude 🙂
Pixie Lott. She had a great stage set up!

Actual Fire Works. Peace One Day! Whooo.

Chips and Raincoats. Really great night. Thanks Aisling for the ticket and this photo! Photo

P.S Thanks also to Aisling for taking half of the other photos with my camera. She is taller and has better skillz.


Author: Fiona

One thought on “Peace One Day Concert Derry 21st June 2012”

  1. Fiona, thankyou so much. I’m so happy you liked my blog post. I just read up on your post, and it’s lovely and insightful. I loved reading your ‘about me’ section, you made me laugh, especially the part where you write “I have forced myself to like coffee for the sheer sophistication”- I can totally identify with Although, I end up resorting to a greedy mug of Thankyou again x

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