Brief Hiatus

Hello friends, I’m aware of the ticking of the bloggy clock. I do apologise. This is just a little post to tell you that I will continue to be quiet for a time, just to give you a heads up. This is the final few weeks of my degree and I currently SHOULD be up to my eyes in script-writing and studying. I am letting myself down this week. But I really need to get to it. So, if I take a break from my beloved LLL I hope you understand.

I was recently nominated/awarded the Versatile Blogger Award by Write, Wrong and Everything Inbetween – THANK YOU for this. It’s my first blog award, and I am very proud. Grateful! There are a few interesting ‘rules’ that come with this, and I promise to write a post and get my nominations on at a less busy time. 


Here’s a link to some Irish Short Films – the featured short ‘The Wednesdays’ is excellent. 

Okay, so I’m off to get some sleep and feel guilty. This finishing university stuff is terrifying. Much love!

Author: Fiona @ lifelyricslemoncake

5 thoughts on “Brief Hiatus”

  1. Good luck with the final suffocation by/embracing of study; it’s torture, but it will be over before you know it and ‘normal’ life will resume!

  2. Hope that it’s not too stressful an end and you enjoy it whilst you’re still studying! I miss it, oddly, even though I remember the stress and know I’m going back! Life after will be different but fine, don’t worry !

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