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I spent about 6 hours in the library this evening, I have been on the verge of an essay for about two weeks now and I finally got about 1000 words done, yay. So after a bowl of cereal to calm my stomach which was acidic with sweets overload, and a handful of New Girl episode(The one where Jess sees Nick naked, accidentally, hil-ar-i-ous) I felt there were still some words that wanted to be written. Some quotes stirred me this week, would like to share with you:

That of all the several ways of beginning a book which are now in practice throughout the known world, I am confident my own way of doing it is the best – I’m sure it is the most religious – for I begin with writing the first sentence – and trusting to Almighty God for the second. (Laurence Sterne, Tristram Shandy)

(Via @AvidaBar)  Loved this so much that I wrote it out and stuck it on my flat mate’s door! I also texted it to my best people, and thanks to @AlfieMcDuffs I now know I love you in German is ICH LIEBE DICH !! Or if you are her 1-year-old nephew, who is German ‘soooooooo liebe!’ (Cute!)

The punchline of the story relates to an American academic saying of Beckett, ‘He doesn’t give a fuck about people. He’s an artist.’ At this point Beckett raised his voice above the clatter of afternoon tea and shouted, ‘But I do give a fuck about people! I do give a fuck!’ (James Wood –How to Write Fiction)

For a long time now I have defined friends as people who listen deeply and honestly to what I am saying today – but don’t pin me to it tomorrow if I find I am in a genuinely different place -From a gladly and gratefully received email I got this week, (in response to a letter, with promises of a letter, too.) Exactly what I need right now.

A card I ordered for a special little boy born to old friends. Not a quote but cute Norn Iron slang. @arbeecards

Purpley trousers and my feet for good measure

4 thoughts on “More words

  1. Uncanny comes in threes: I love Nick in ‘New Girl’, I have those shoes – Office? – and, we also use ‘wee dote’ here in Scotland … beautiful expression. Your post just overall made me smile!

    • Yay, thank you. I think the shoes are Rocket Dog, but they are old so it could be Office, they were a gift. :) ‘Wee dote’ is cute, I had a friend whose birthday is 8 August, ‘a huit aout’ in French which is pronounced very similarly. Appreciate your comment!

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