What happens to Christopher? Help please!

Hey, lovely blog readers. I’ve allowed myself a break for Easter and now I am tentatively thinking about University stuff again. I was wondering if you could help.

I have to write about 20 pages of script for my Creative Writing: Drama module. I’ve decided I am going to write the beginning of a film. An old man, lets call him Christopher. Christopher Gracy…finds himself in a large echoey, deserted railway station. Inside. Glass roof. Being forgetful, he doesn’t really panic about why he is there. He has died, though, and the train that eventually comes is going to take him to the great beyond.

That’s about as far as I’ve got. First someone suggested that he should see scenes from his life from the windows of the train. I liked this very much. My tutor suggested that everyone else on the train should slowly realise what’s happened/ where they are going. I wondered if Christopher should be alone on the train. Should the ticket man/ conductor be significant? Should the train be a type of purgatory where Christopher works through his unfinished business before arriving in Heaven? Perhaps memories will start to come back to him, as his forgetfulness melts with his earthly life.

Basically I can’t decide on any details… or fully formed story.  I’d be grateful for any ideas that you might have and want to contribute? I think ideas are one of the hardest things about writing. I would also rather be writing prose. Flowery and pretty language in the stage directions are lost on the audience!

For inspiration I’ve read The Great Divorce by C.S Lewis. It’s about heaven and hell and starts with people waiting for a bus, I was delighted to see.  I watched What Dreams May Come, the film from 1998 with Robin Williams. I wasn’t quite sure what to make of that. And I think I might be influenced by ‘The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry‘ by Rachel Joyce which I am devouring guiltily at the moment. (I LOVE it. The first line is ‘The letter that would change everything arrived on a Tuesday.’ Need I say more?)

It’s just another worry for me so the sooner my idea comes together the sooner I get writing… Thank you blog friends. I don’t mean to cheat, don’t give me your best ideas ever that you intend to write yourself, it just helps to bounce ideas off people… Just throw me some scraps 🙂

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Author: Fiona @ lifelyricslemoncake


6 thoughts on “What happens to Christopher? Help please!”

  1. I like this idea… what if there were people on the train who he had encountered during his life, maybe just in small ways, and they get to talking about how Christopher made a difference in their life… and different people can get on at different stops… hmmm i will think more about this one lol
    maybe spanish train could be your themetune haha… i still reckon we could mime alllll the words to that song lol love you xxx

    1. Thanks claire! Yeah the people and the stops are proving difficult, but this is great – thanks.
      Haha, yes! I wonder if the Spanish Train is why I love writing about trains. What an amazing song, goosebumps.
      “Well God’s not around, but look what I found… This one’s MINE!”
      Love you more x

  2. Hmmm, I like the idea of revisiting relationships from his life: lovers, almost lovers, friends, parents, people who influenced the man Christopher became. They are literally all still on a journey. There would be a chance, as each of them boarded the train, to talk, to resolve situations, make right, end grievances – but instead of Christopher, as the hero/protagonist, feeling unburdened and at peace as result of these meetings, maybe it is the people he meets who will gain the closure. As they disembark, each at a station/place of significance to the time they shared with Christopher, so we arrive at a final scene which would be him alone once again on the train as it heads into a dark tunnel.

    1. Thank you Miss G! This is really helpful and food for thought! I was struggling with whether the people he meets (family and friends) were dead, if they were also on the train, but if they can come and go then they don’t need to be… I love the idea of getting off at places of significance. Maybe a landmark, a telephone box, if there was a significant phone call, or the place they first met.
      Wonderful, thank you so much.
      I may go for a walk with my notebook and try to be further inspired!

  3. sounds interesting… though i can’t think and suggest much since i’m too engrossed completing my research article for a forthcoming conference… just a little honest suggestion… close your eyes and follow your heart and imagination… I’m sure it will give you the best inspiration than any one of us since it will reflect your insight rather than what others visualise. Good Luck. Erum

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