The Hunger Games : Mini Film Review

So, I’m just back in the flat after seeing The Hunger Games. I’m all popcorned out.

I really liked it!

I read the book very recently, and I think reading it may be vital to being able to keep up, I think I would have been a little lost without the book knowledge filling in the gaps.

It was captivating and very, very tense. Jennifer Lawrence IS amazing as Katniss Everdeen. She’s a wonderful actress. Her relationship with little sister Prim, her fear and bravery when entering the arena, her protectiveness with Rue… they way she was torn between Gale and Peeta… (How funny is it that Peeta/Katniss relationship fan people are calling them Peeniss? Hahahaha)

The scene with the Tracker Jackers and the tree was almost exactly how I imagined it. I thought the people of the Capitol would be more… otherworldly, not just normal people with white make up. The contrast between District 12 and The Capitol was striking. Katniss’ deception of Peeta wasn’t clear enough, it just looked like she was doing the dirty on Gale, who isn’t even her boyfriend, though it seems she wants him to be.

I liked Haymitch, and I’m glad he wasn’t the chubby farmer type that I imagined. It’s so sad to think that he probably is that way because of all the Tributes he trained and who died in front of his eyes. Speaking of Haymitch:

                                       (originally from GingerHaze, via TanyaByrne)

I was watching out for Stanley Tucci as Caesar Flickerman, (thanks to a heads up from Frank, whose review is wonderful and covers everything) and he was brilliant. The blue hair and winning smile. Such a kind and charismatic host, he would be loved as a TV presenter. (I last saw him in A Midsummer Night’s Dream as Puck) I liked how it looked a little like The Eurovision song contest set up, as he narrated some of the live events. I thought it was a good touch to have some sense of what the Districts were making about all this, as they watched it unfold on-screen big-brother style, as the book is very narrowed to Katniss’ experience. (Rue’s father was a lovely and devastating addition!) I’m dying to see what her family and Gale will make of things.

I know this is a very bitty review, its more just a collection of thoughts on the film. I’m excited after seeing it and I thought it was visually engaging, fast paced, edge of your seat thrilling book to film adaptation. I loved it.

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Author: Fiona

5 thoughts on “The Hunger Games : Mini Film Review”

  1. Thanks for the link! This is a lovely review. I agree with most of your points, especially what you had to say about her deception of Peeta. I think that they’re going to delve more into the love triangle in the next film. (I read it somewhere…) so that could be why it’s not as prevelent in the movie. It’s also hard to visually depict her inner turmoil over that situation when Gale isn’t in the arena. And I was really happy they didn’t do it with a voiceover. (I HATE THOSE!) I’m glad you’re overall feelings about it were good. I hope you enjoy the next two books. 🙂

  2. I also pictured Haymitch as a chubby farmer type, especially as the books progressed! This was exactly how i felt about the film 🙂 Jennifer Lawrence was perfect, and after watching interviews with her I think I might have a wee girl crush hahaha she’s so funny and cute! I didn’t originally like the Peeta casting, but after the initial “worried face expression” plastered on his face I was glad that Peeta was shown as the charismatic guy he was in the book. I honestly think it’s onea the best book-to-film adaptations i’ve seen 🙂 Excited for a long discussion in person about this haha. Are you gonna read the second the third books now? x

    1. Thanks for dropping by, Caoimhe 🙂 It was a great adaptation – I was glad they left out the Mutt things that had the same eyes and hair as the dead tributes, it would have seemed ridiculous. Yeah Peeta was a bit of a strange choice, but he was good! I forgot to say about the camoflage, that was excellent!
      Well, I don’t know if I have time! Do you have the other books? x

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