Wakening Wednesday

Hey there. I’ve missed you. It’s been hard to summon the energy to think of ideas and write the last while. I’m here now and I will try harder. Here’s just a small collection of something I’ve watched, something I’ve read, somewhere I’ve went, or frequented, and a little extra on this sunny Wednesday.

Midnight in Paris

My auntie was right. I did love it. Written and directed by Woody Allen. Owen Wilson’s character Gil is a screen writer, but he wants to be a novelist. His favourite thing in the world is Paris, especially in the 1920’s. He is on holiday in Paris with his fiancΓ©e Inez (Rachel McAdams) and is struggling with his first novel. After midnight, while lost and a little drunk and walking alone… some of his dreams start to come true.

Yes, it is fairy-tale like and you may have to suspend your disbelief along with Gil. But it’s sweet and heart-warming and about writers, and Owen Wilson is brilliant. I always did want to go to Paris.

The Hunger Games

Feeling very intrigued with the hype that surrounded the release of the film (I honestly don’t think I heard of the book before I got wind of the film) and surrounded by friends who were skipping off to see it in the first few nights, I bought the first book on saturday evening after a lovely walk with @caoimhetracey. Yes I do probably have other more vital things to be reading…. But I flew through it and was finished on Sunday before I returned to Belfast. I liked it. I couldn’t help drawing parallels with other things, which may not be fair. But that wasn’t a bad thing.


I thought it was like Big Brother in the playing of the anthem and projecting image of whoever has died up in the sky. It’s like playing the Big Brother tune at eviction! Also the fact that there has to be a romance, to keep the public interested and to try to win…. very Big Brotherish. But Big Brother is the ultimate reality TV programme and that’s what The Hunger Games aspires to be in Panem. I’m not criticising.

Also: Triwizard Tournament a la Harry Potter. Children getting drawn from a ‘hat’, districts/houses, and something about the backpacks, all different sizes with the numbers of the districts on them which are put in near the end for the tributes reminded me of the Triwizrd champions picking out their mini dragons from the bag, to see which one they would have to fight/trick.

It was a satisfying book, perhaps some things were too neatly tied, and I did find the Gale/Katniss/Peeta love triangle difficult. ‘Specially because I never got to see Gale’s reaction to anything. I don’t think it has the depth of… even the Harry Potter books. It seemed quite short and I don’ t feel I fully connected with the characters.

I’m going to see the film tomorrow night so I may report back. Did you see it/read it? What did you think of it?

Common Grounds, University Avenue, Belfast

@commongroundsni Is a fair trade, coffee-not-profit cafe located on my term-time street in Belfast. It has so far raised more that Β£50,000 for the list of charities pinned to the notice-board since opening in 2004. I haven’t been in there as much as I’d like but I have made a few stops in the last few weeks, and I love the wooden floors, varieties of people doing work or catching up, the huge bowl-like servings of caramel latte if you ask for a large one, art for sale on the walls, friendly volunteers, little garden and al fresco area for this lovely weather we are having, and so much more about this wee place. Last night I got two of my flat mates to come after dinner and because it was so busy, we sat at a table outside and sipped our coffees in the middle of the holy lands on a warm evening! It was lovely. It was one of my stops in my crying-in-the-cafe-to-friends week-long tour of Belfast that happened two weeks ago. *Ahem*

The best thing about Common Grounds is possibly their Gift Board/Giving board. You can go in and pay for a coffee and cake for your friend Lisa and they will write ‘Lisa- coffee and cake’ on the board, and the next time Lisa comes in she gets free stuffs! Yay. Really want to do this some time πŸ™‚

Some other things are : I’m loving the freak summer we seem to be having this week. It’s gorgeous! My friend and I were saying it’s funny seeing what everyone decides to wear in this sudden drastic change of weather. I’m still in jeans and light layers. Some people are staunchly wearing their winter coats. Many girls have opted for short shorts. Lots of topless fellas drinking beer on the sofa that they’ve dragged from their living quarters into their teeny gardens. I have been melting in all my seminars. Today I was almost the only person who turned up to a screening of ‘Possession’ our tutor organised. (One other guy who I just happened to talk to in class that day turned up, and we were the only two, out of a possible about 40 people!) I have spent a sad amount of it looking out at it, but it’s still cheering πŸ™‚

I’m still half looking for a pen pal (yes, I know, I have a degree to be studying for…pffft) And I think my search may be answered on Good Mail Day’s 2012 Call for Correspondents (Thanks Abbye!) I don’t think I’m brave enough to leave my address but i see some kindred spirits on that list, so although they put their names forward a few moths ago, I hope they’d still be willing to write if I do get a letter or two written. There’s a girl from ‘Bear, Delaware’ hehe. Coolest address ever.


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