Same boat

Today I dragged myself to a CV workshop. It was quite informative. I came across a girl looking equally as lost as me in the Student Guidance Centre just beforehand, and we found the room together and sat beside each other in the quiet, with about 12 people sitting around a table, waiting. I sipped my water and tried not to look anyone in the eye.

We had a laugh at the example of ‘bad’ CVs and ‘good’ ones and I walked with her afterwards. In hindsight she is very much in the same boat as me. After I said how I gave up my job, she said how she phoned her boss in tears at Christmas and said how she just couldn’t work anymore, she was going to fail her exams. She doesn’t know what she is going to do next year, either. I think her name was Grainne and it made my day to talk to her.

The same kind of thing happened to me last week. I went to this ‘Grill a Christian’ event, just wanting to see what the Christians had to say for themselves/ ourselves?  I had barely sat down in the lecture theatre when a girl asked could she sit beside me and began to chat. She was one of the organisers, I think. She was an Evangelical Christian and had different views from my own, but asked some questions and seemed interested. She didn’t try to get me to change my beliefs and she was very friendly. I chatted to her for a while afterwards, and left smiling.

It’s something I used to always wish would happen, when I was lonely. When I went somewhere myself that a friendly face would pop up. I’m grateful for it this week. I’ve been trying to keep my head up, and my heart strong as Ben Howard says. Just a few wee reminders that people are good and generally will support you. Sometimes you don’t even have to reach out.

Author: Fiona @ lifelyricslemoncake

4 thoughts on “Same boat”

  1. I like to think that my masterclass in HTML is how you came about with your lovely new theme… hahaha. I love these moments as well, when ye connect with a stranger just when ye need it. “Throw a stranger an unexpected smile” to quote Imogen. It brightens the day a bit. 🙂 x

  2. Oh what a lovely post. I really love when that happens as well. I’m usually very shy and awkward in social settings, so it is always wonderful to me how other people can be so open and friendly and welcoming.

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