My Sign of the Week

I seem to be getting a clear message this week. Kind of  ‘go for it’, no one’s going to make your dreams come true but you. Why are you waiting?(image)

Firstly I found that Josh Ritter has a new cd coming out :

The collection of songs, which Ritter calls his version of lullabies, came from a recent writing session. The songs didn’t fit with the tracks Ritter was writing for his still-untitled forthcoming album. As he described it, the tracks were “strays,” but that’s not all they had in common. Every track on album contains the word “darling” at some point. In bringing the collection of songs together, Ritter had his title for the EP: “Bringing in the Darlings“. – Paste

And the track that Paste have allowed us to stream is a little perfect gem called ‘Why.’ I know I already come across as a bit obsessed but I cried on the first listen. I’ve seen this as a youtube comment but, it just spoke to me. It’s the kind of things that people I love say to me when I’m worrying and giving up. It’s just been the soundtrack to my week and I will provide you with a link at the end. Here are the lyrics first:

Why can’t you try to be happy, why must you always be sad?

Why spend your only life waiting, to have what you know you can have?

Why spend your only life hoping, what a torture to be always blue,

Why spend your only life waiting, to know what you know you can do?

What’s the worst thing that can possibly happen to you?

I love how he has left a long musical interlude after that last line, where lyrics could have comfortably fitted, but we are left to ponder the worse that could happen. It’s never so bad.

I have felt compelled to leave the link to this song on a few jaw-droppingly relevant blog posts that I have read this week . This one by Blue Bicicletta (Italian for bicycle): A Message from my Heart to your Heart on ‘Letting your heart sing’ (It isn’t even new! I just found it…have a look at the rest of Nicole’s blog, some beautiful art…) Kind of echoes Josh’s sentiments, and along with a few other things this week just made me feel I was meant to hear a message.

Maybe this post too!

In a week where my worries are running away with me (again) all this has given me some hope bubbles. Always good.

Here is ‘Why’ – enjoy:


Author: Fiona

5 thoughts on “My Sign of the Week”

  1. Haha I love this post Fiona, being an insanely mad worrier myself. I hope this song does speak to you for good. If oul Josh cant get you to stop worrying, dont know who will!

    Well done 🙂

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