Thoughts on Valentine’s Day

It somehow seems more significant when you’re on your own.

I don’t want a single, single friend allowing Valentines day to make them feel shitty, ok?

Because you are worth more than that.

When you are loved up it just won’t be as vital to you anymore.

Yes, it’s nice to finally get a card and I get seriously excited about things like a full box of chocolate which I am NOT sharing, but one doesn’t give it that much thought when it’s not a sore spot anymore.

I think it’s because when you’re in a good, comfortable and loving relationship you don’t have to seek assurance in things like this. You know already, it doesn’t hurt to be reminded but it’s not the end of the world if you just decide to go out for a meal at some other stage when money isn’t so low, or whatever.

I’m saying this because sometimes I feel slightly guilty about celebrating Valentines Day, because I know it DOES make people feel down. There’s still a very sad sixteen year old Fi out there somewhere, vaguely hoping for a red envelope on the mat.

Theres a great blog post here which I mostly agree with.

Sometimes I also hate when people go on about hating Valentines Day. No, you shouldn’t need a day to tell someone you love them. But why not take another chance to?

This Valentines Day I didn’t really get M much but I found the best card and spent a while writing a message from the heart with a fancy fountain pen. I feel good about it! And today a red envelope arrived for me, in the post! I recognise that messy handwriting… ( More guilt as I ‘bullied’ him into posting it, while not leaving enough time to post his! Ha ha. But he has it, don’t worry.)

I wish I had loads of these cards and lollies for you people. Just turn your frown mustache upside down, know that you are loved, and will be in the future, and thank your lucky stars you’re not as soppy as moi.

Happy Valentine’s Day



Author: Fiona

5 thoughts on “Thoughts on Valentine’s Day”

  1. I work at a Flower shop every Vday. It is so much fun. I see my old friends, the customers are happy and the flowers are beautiful. I have never been in a relationship on Vday. I let it bother me when I was younger, but now I am fine with it.

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