Reasons to be cheerful…and grateful

Quiet coffee time

Still Moments. The calm after the stresses of essays and exams. not actually having anything important to do. Coffee and idea note-book. Double bill of Criminal Minds in the afternoon. A few times getting up early but having the whole day to myself. Actually reading for pleasure.

Image from: Here.

Not us but cute if it were. Clare does this when I'm trying to make her dinner. Lol.

Sisters. Have plenty of those but specially bonding with the next sister to me, Clare, lately. Last week she had a placement at the hospital, she is just a wee first year, and she stayed at my flat because it’s closer. I worried about her and got up with  her, made her breakfast and played her Mammy for a few days. I had lots of fun – highlights were her choking on a ‘choc pop’ £1 shot, both of us fully believing there was a mouse in my room and trying to get to the bottom of latte/ hot chocolate from Common Grounds which were the size of soup bowls.  Image from here.

Catching up with Friends. Another benefit of having a wee week off is the chance

I love exchanging stories and laughing with my lovely friends.

to see people who I haven’t in a while due to being in Belfast and life generally getting in the way. I’m just in from dinner with my lovely auntie, had lunch with my cousin yesterday, had a lovely day with a friend on Sunday. Am trying to set more meetings in motion to see my other besties but never fear if I don’t see you, my weekends are emptier these days… This keeps happening to me, not seeing anyone for months and then being a lady that lunches for a week. 🙂

Feeling Loved. Felt a bit of a struggle before Christmas and the love of my parents and my boyfriend did so much to keep me going. I know it’s not cool to say but love is the most important thing in the world. The more you love, the more you are loved, and the happier and more beautiful you are because of it.  The fact that friends say they miss me when I’m holed up in Belfast for weeks on end, means a lot to me. They noticed! Image from here. I feel happy that I have so much love in my life. I will try harder not to take it for granted. I’m not trying to rub in the fact I have a boyfriend or anything. Cause I know what it’s like not to… Love comes in so many forms and when I try to think why I am close to anyone, it all comes down to love. If you show someone love, by listening to them and giving them time, you are likely to be friends forever.

Author: Fiona @ lifelyricslemoncake

4 thoughts on “Reasons to be cheerful…and grateful”

  1. This is really lovely, choked up a bit reading it! Thanks for all your help over the stressful placement time lol! we should do it again sometime, love ya xx

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