The Old Filmic Representation Fantasy

So, the age old question: Who (actor/actress) would you like to play you in the film of the story of your life? (Or even a film that you just happened to appear in. I think I prefer that option!)

My choice used to be Liv Tyler. When the Lord of the Rings films came out I was obsessed. It took me 6 months as a 14 year old to read all the books. (They were TOUGH going.) I loved Liv as Arwen the Elf in these films. She goes with Aragorn! I think what won me over was the extended extra features on one of the DVDs, there were discs of extra stuff, and in the later films it was all set design and location and seemingly boring stuff like that, but I was won over by all the actors and actress’ stories of moving to Wellington, New Zealand for…three years? Anyway, Liz was super cute with her Dad’s big jumper to keep her warm (Dad from Aerosmith!) in her wee trailer and photographs of friends and family all stuck around her mirror. I think for a long time she was the only decent actress who was dark-haired that I could think of, so she got the vote. Now that I realise the soft whiny-ness to her voice in that Pantene ad, and the fact that she cries for like two hours in Armageddon…I’m not so sure. Sorry, Liv.

Now, if I was to make this big important decision, I would choose singer-turned-actress Norah Jones. I watched My Blueberry Nights last year and adored it! I duly made M watch it some time later and he remarked that I looked a bit like her. I think he fancies her a bit cause she sang with Dave Grohl. It’s not true but I was flattered. AND to make matters even better, about two weeks later I started last semester and one the first seminar we had to get to know our neighbour, as a kind of cringey

Graceful and she has a very sexy air (click for source)

ice-breaker, and the girl I was paired with said “Has anyone ever told you that you look like Norah Jones?” So ‘lured as the Derry folk say. She actually said I look a bit like Rachel Weisz too. Yeah this girl clearly needed her eyes checked but oddly Ms Weisz, Mrs Daniel Craig herself also stars as a decent baddie ex-wife in My Blueberry Nights ! I like Rachel Weisz, and she is gorgeous. Maybe M put the girl up to this. Anyway, Norah is my number one choice. Naturally curly and beautiful, a kind of girl-next-door, and I kind of love her character in that film. Clearly I’m tickled that two people in the world have seen similarities… Still clinging to hope!

What a babe (click image for source)

Do you think about this? Who would you choose?

Author: Fiona @ lifelyricslemoncake

6 thoughts on “The Old Filmic Representation Fantasy”

  1. This isn’t something that I have ever spent much thought on.. Im not a fan of Cillian Murphy but i think he would be great at playing me. I think its his awkwardness and posture. anyone but Nicolas Cage!

  2. Hmmm… I’d like to say Natalie Portman, i mean i know that we look nothing alike but she’s just so quirky and cute! Emma Stone! But i don’t think any of those major stars have a Caoimhe Tracey personality hahaha. The only gal i’ve ever been compared to is avril lavigne, and that’s just perfectly fine with me! But i don’t think she would be a very good actress… hahaha. Norah Jones is so lovely, just like youuuuu x

    1. Now I sound all big headed, like I do look like them 🙂 haha. You just pick someone hot you would like to represent you! Avril is definitely allowed 🙂 interesting! X

  3. Think i’d pick Zooey Deschanel! Im madly in love with her hair. And in New Girl she wears cute wee dresses with pumps and not heels, I like that!
    I like your option of just having a film that you appear in though, a film of my life would be while boring! Maybe Zooey and Norah can have some BFF scenes together, so much great hair!! 🙂

    1. I know Aisling! I’ve only watched the pilot but I laughed my head off- I know I will love New Girl. We actually know/are people like her. Haha. Mickey said she reminded him of you when he watched it!!! I was raging. Lol.

      I know, that’s how I know my life is not the Truman Show – they would definitely have spiced it up a bit by now!

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