Maeve Kohl

She could be my alter ego.

The Sasha Fierce to my Beyoncé.

She is the lead singer of the Foo Femmes.

She is just as funny, just as talented, just as loud, and larger than life, and wonderful a front woman as Dave Grohl is best-front-man-ever for the Foo Fighters.

She can do the RWAAGHHH really good. And it’s more sexy than scary.

Do you like the band members’ names? Need to be a Foos geek to appreciate. Who wants to be Tayla Dawkins? I think @caoimhetracey since she is sometimes blonde. And @AlfieMcDuffs can be Crysta Shuffle, and marry the Shifflet. Would that be too weird?

Picture needs some work! Daydreaming on the bus home one day. I think you would never need therapy if you got to go on stage, look gorgeous and scream and strum your way through the loudest and best songs ever.

M and me should have got our s**t together and went to this.

What if I say I’m not like the others?


Author: Fiona

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