I say, Essay

This is accurate. Only I don't have a Mac.

Hello lovely reader, I am just informing you that I may be a little sparser than usual with my blogging as I have somehow left myself with ridiculous deadlines for 2 major essays and then an exam. It’s 3rd year and they are worth a sickening amount…Quite genuinely worried. I came back to Belfast on 2nd January but haven’t gotten very far since then. Today is looking slightly better but I need to stay off all these websites. I’m this close to getting someone to change all my passwords! It has happened before. So, say one for me, maybe leave me a wee comment somewhere to cheer me up, and be patient with me. My blog will be a year old near the end of the month and I’m hoping to plan something nice for that! Let me know if you have any ideas.

Also if you know any secrets about Nietzsche, you know where I am. Hate the guy right down to the tips of his ridiculous moustache !

I will see you on the other side…


Author: Fiona


One thought on “I say, Essay”

  1. Good luck with all the assignments and revision! Hope ur drinking plenty of tea!!!
    Also I don’t know if u watch Big Bang Theory, but I was watchin it the other day and Sheldon mentioned Nietzche, I meant to text u lol apparently he did of syphillis, dirty dog lol
    love ❤ xx

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