It was the year…2011

I’m not prepared for 2012. I started panicking tonight because I can’t get a good vision of 2011 in my head. (Edit: I started writing this on Friday night but had to abandon. So it’s a little late.) So some things that happened in 2011…

This time last year, watching the lanterns and waiting for 2011...

In January, I started the year at my boyfriend’s house, where we watched Chinese lanterns float into the sky in Derry in their hundreds it seemed, a peaceful and hopeful scene…and just before the countdown M’s granny tapped me on the arm and asked me to open the window. I assumed she was too hot but she said it was what they used to do in Scotland to “let the old year out and the new year in.”

January was the month I began this blog. I am really glad that I did, I enjoy writing the posts, I enjoy the outlet and practice of writing when I can get it, and I love any feedback or new followers that come my way.

I lived with my best friends for 6 months of 2011, in a freezing house that flooded on Melrose Street in Belfast. Many Jenz milkshakes where consumed and episodes of Jeremy Kyle watched. A few assignments and exams were also undertaken. I saw to Foo Fighters Back and Forth documentary at the only cinema in Belfast that was showing it with @AlfieMcDuffs and I also saw Josh Ritter at the Mandela Hall, I think this was my 8th time seeing him! I wrote about it here. Josh replied to me on Twitter in June and then followed me on twitter in November. What can it all mean, eh?

I missed my friend’s annual Fancy Dress party in May because of a Philosophy exam. I attended a university friend’s wedding night do in June, and it started a chain of sorts… I moved out of my second Belfast residence and into a new one on University Avenue. I worked all summer full-time, I didn’t have a holiday. I celebrated 5 years with my boyfriend. I had a lovely, exciting few days in London in July, and saw Foo Fighters for the second time in Milton Keynes Bowl.

One of my best friends in the world got married in September. It was a wonderful day but came as a huge shock to my system, even though I knew it was happening! I can’t believe we are that grown up, still. It’s brilliant to see her all sorted in her lovely house, being a married woman and having their own Christmas and everything! You can read a wee bit about my feelings here.

We saw Brook Fraser and Batman Live within about a week of each other in October. I picked the worst modules this semester. Stressed myself out to the absolute max. Still stressing! I had a lovely visit from friends and a trip to Lisa Hannigan, again at the Mandela at the beginning of December. Had a mad day of Christmas shopping and a rainy and very busy, but lovely and Christmassy as always trip to the Continental Market.

I had a peaceful Christmas back home in Derry with my family. Felt very loved and special after being so spoiled by friends and loved ones. I have also got a glimpse of the true meaningΒ  and a wee spark of faith back after attending a few Christmas Mass’s and experiencing the love of my family and my good relationship.

To 2012 !

2011 was a difficult year in places, and I am fully ready to move on to a perfectly new year, 2012, filled with possibilities. I think everyone welcomes a new beginning and perhaps that’s why people celebrate New Years.

Last night there were more Chinese lanterns, a lovely crescent moon, a bottle of expensive champagne, generous friends and plenty of hope. 2012 is looking good, may it be a wonderful year for us all. If I pass my degree, and find the time to do some writing and read some good books, that will be a start, at least!

Thank you for the support and taking the time to read my blog this year, I really appreciate it and it keeps me going! A very Happy New Year to you and yours.


Author: Fiona

2 thoughts on “It was the year…2011”

  1. I only ever get to read your posts when someone posts the link to facebook but now have seen I can follow so that is what I’ve done =)! Love this post, a lot of hope for 2012… Hope it’s a good one for you!

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