Happy Birthday Mum

From her birthday last year

A wee Christmas 45th Birthday for my lovely Mammy today. Despite the fact that Christmas Birthdays are a Rip Off I am hoping she has a lovely day. She does SO much for us, it’s actually not very fair. And she probably won’t do anything to celebrate, 8 children and 4 days before Christmas will do that… I will chip in to help though, even though these essays are surprisingly NOT doing themselves. I hope she knows how much I appreciate her, and even as a 22 year old woman I’d be lost without her.

I bought this wee gift book, and despite the horribly cheesy floral design, this page rang so true that I choked up in the middle of WH Smith:

It's a Helen Exley giftbook and it looks like they've updated a lot since whenever WH Smith ordered this...


Here is the cutest photo of Jacob yesterday when he helped wrap up his present for Mum - I let him have the socks I got her - and then I helped him hide it under his cot for today!

Happy 45th Birthday Mammy! Maybe I will print this out for you since you don’t use computers. I will teach you some day… when you have time!

Author: Fiona @ lifelyricslemoncake


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Mum”

  1. Aw this is a lovely wee tribute to ur supermum! Ye really wud be lost without them. Also, I am getting more scared about the whole birthing process after seeing Laura in hospital, I don’t think I’ll cope with the pain.
    No matter what age ye are Mammy always comes to the rescue when needed. Hope us had a lovely Christmas at the McCallion household.
    Ps. Laura called the baby Luke, I love him so much already! Babies have that effect on you don’t they!

    1. Very true Claire! We did have a great Christmas! Hope you’s did too!
      Oh no, did Laura tell you all the details? The less we know the better… Child Development put us through our paces haha. And almost made (me) fall off our stools. Luke is a gorgeous name! Aww šŸ™‚ It’s so fab you are his Godmother too! x x

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