A lie burns long, while the truth bites quick…

…a heart is built for both it seems.

Lisa Hannigan at The Mandela Hall, 13th December 2011.

I wasn’t sure about Lisa Hannigan’s new album ‘Passenger.’ I adored ‘Sea Sew’ and found this one a lot slower and subtle. However, after seeing her live for the 3rd time on Tuesday, I haven’t been able to stop listening to it.

I really love Lisa. I was going to say ‘there are no airs or graces’ with her. Perhaps there are no airs, but there are graces… She is very quiet, she says little between songs and there are slightly awkward silences…but this is endearing. Her voice is soft but often husky, her movements elegant, she seems to have a favourite dress that she wears on stage and in videos. She was able to quieten the often rowdy ‘student’ crowd at the Mandela effortlessly.

I adore her lyrics and hearing her live highlights and drives them home even more… The songs that stood out lyrically for me where ‘A Sail’ and ‘O Sleep.’ There was plenty of fun, too, in songs like ‘What’ll I do,’ also her dead-pan rendition of ‘Safe Travels, Don’t Die’ – “Please don’t bungee jump, or ignore a strange lump…and the gasoline pump’s not a toy.” Some of the songs from the previous album the aforementioned ‘Sea Sew’ drummed up a great response, I found this video from the night, an old favourite, ‘I Don’t Know’ – I love that a lady keeps going ‘awwww’ that was how me and my friend Caoimhe were the last time we saw her! :

I have said it before but there is nothing the feeling of standing in the dark with the music beating in my chest, allowing it to blot out all my worries for a little while. I couldn’t help singing along quietly at some of my favourites and swaying slightly although no one else was!

It was not packed out, and as seems to be a trait of the Mandela Hall, a few people were very drunk and heckle-y at times (why do I always end up directly behind/in front of them?) but it was a genuinely beautiful experience and I am grateful for the two Caoimhe/as for driving the whole way up to Belfast and back in the one night to come with me, it was lovely to have some company, I needed it this week. Thankful for this special wee night, and I recommend Lisa for a little soul soothing.

Author: Fiona @ lifelyricslemoncake


3 thoughts on “A lie burns long, while the truth bites quick…”

  1. Beautiful post! Exactly how i felt about her. I especially love the wee smile she has whilst she sings her wee meaningful lyrics, and the way she can just instantly calm a crowd. Like we’re all feeling the same thing at the same time ❤ awwk. Also have new appreciation for ronan keating drummer. hahaha! 'twas a great night! ending perfectly with tea and crisps, yayy! xxx

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