I’m not a very good ‘student’ in any sense of the word. I’m not a party animal, I’m not as hard a worker as I know I can be, I seem to just ‘lose’ a lot of time…I only have 6 hours a week fergawdsake!

However, over the last week or so a few things happened / I realised some more things that would only happen in student land. I shall share them with you.

1. Being sick away from home

This is my 3rd year at University and I hadn’t been sick, like vomiting sick at all in this time prior to last Monday. When I got up on Monday I got an increasingly sore tummy until I inevitably started boking at around 12 o’ clock. (My whole family had it the week before, but I seemed to pass through the weekend unscathed.) The running to the bathroom started to get a bit risky so I cast around my room for something to catch the sick and could only come up with a storage box. I tried to line it with plastic bags pinned with clothes pegs… It was so pathetic I still used the bathroom mostly.

2. Washing

“This is a pure student moment,” speaks one of my housemates while watching me

New tradition. My good friends birthday this week!

transferring washing powder from a plastic bag (I had stolen some from home) into the machine with a spoon.

3. Bus Shakes

We live VERY close to the University this year, it is very handy indeed. Several bus services pass through our street – possibly 4-6 times an hour or more. The flat shakes every time this happens. It’s a bit like ‘Se7en’ only not THAT bad. But glasses of water quiver, beds shake and if you are speaking on the phone the other person can barely hear you when it happens. I kind of like it, although they are only city centre bus routes I always wonder where the people are going at all the times of the day. Because our living room/kitchen is on the first floor we are level with the people on the top deck of the double deckers and even make eye contact sometimes.

4. Dinners

The people I live with are quite good cooks and are known to make parma ham and green beans on a weekly basis. I am useless, and I usually do alright with a jar of pasta sauce and some cooked chicken and even a pepper or red onion if I’m feeling adventurous. But on Monday things hit a new low and I was actively laughed at as my dinner consisted of 4 fish fingers and 5 chips. I have no idea why I didn’t throw those remaining 5 Aunt Bessie fries on the last time I opened the bag! I even took a picture but I still can’t get photos off my phone.

5. ALL of the procrastination!



Author: Fiona

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