Wistful Wednesdays: Why I love Snail Mail

All the post I've recieved since moving into my student flat in September

It’s only in the last few years that I’ve consciously realised that I LOVE Post/snail mail/ letters/ correspondence.  And thus proceeded to talk about it all the time, and try to persuade all my friends and family to write to me (while their hands are hovering over the text button/ keyboard with  bemused looks on their faces). Born in the wrong century I think… I’m not comfortable with all this rapid advancement in technology.

Thinking back, there are certain people who have influenced me throughout my life towards this proneness to post. When I was very young, probably around 9, I began writing letters to my cousin (I’ve mentioned her here) she lives in the same town as me, but across the bridge, and topics I remember being covered in those letters were: clothes we were wearing for Confirmation, Amusements at Barry’s, Portrush, the 11 plus and other riveting things. I REALLY wish I had kept them all, I was too young to think about it, I think she still has hers and I would probably melt if I read the ramblings of little me. I think this is where my love of searching out new, pretty writing sets came from. Woolworth’s (RIP) used to stock lots of ‘fun’ writing sets for kids and I adored choosing one. I remember asking for writing paper for birthdays and stuff. I can visualise quite a few sets and designs that I had. Now it’s quite difficult to get anything other than Basildon Bond in shops. I love Papernation online for writing sets these days.

I was an ‘alter server’ when I was a young’un, at my Parish Church, and while I was there, probably around the same age…I stopped when I was 12, a deacon came to our parish. He became friends with our family and he is a lovely man and a friend to us, still. He had to move to Italy for a year or so for training, and he used to write to us on thick paper in beautiful calligraphic handwriting in blue fountain pen. They were witty recountings of scenarios in Italy when a young Irish seminarian gets sent there for lectures in Italian with not one word of the language beforehand. I have a big family and all our names were there at the top, even to the youngest baby, and the letters got passed around during the course of the day and added a little variety to our lives.

My paternal grandmother is 82 and when I visit her (not nearly as much as I’d like) she always tells me stories of a nun in Africa and a ‘school teacher’ in England, and various other people who she’s always kept in contact with via letters. She encouraged me to choose a ‘pen-pal’ a few times from the little missionary magazines like St.Joseph’s Advocate that she always had in her house on a Sunday. I’m going to try to send her a little letter soon because I think she would like it, and I miss her! She is an inspirational woman, anyway, and this is just one little way that she has influenced me and I hope that I got the letter writing tendency from her.

I liked the thought of Wistful Wednesdays…I’ve tried it once before. It may pop up every so often. Small apology for my absence…my final year is getting on top of me a bit and my time-management is terrible. I have missed blogging in that week or more. Hmm….Do you guys think that the title of my blog kind of alienates males?

I was really pleased to see that The Breakfast Bachelor – a new blog that I adore, has quoted me in the ‘Reviews’ section.

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Author: Fiona


4 thoughts on “Wistful Wednesdays: Why I love Snail Mail”

  1. This is so weird, I just bought myself a lemon and poppyseed muffin, which made me think if you. And I had to use the Royal Mail postcode finder earlier, and my friend in America just got a parcel today that I sent him 2 weeks ago. All these things combined made me go, OH! I promised Fiona I would write to her this year, I must ask for her address!

    In conclusion, I would like your address please! ❤

  2. I also keep meaning to write you a wee letter… so yes, address please? And don’t let final year drown ye too much. If you want a laugh picture this… today I dressed up as Mary and rode around on a donkey for 2hours up at White Oaks. We were filmed, though I think the donkey may get all the limelight!
    Keep blogging, I love reading them… and it’l give ye a wee break from your scary essays!

  3. Aisling – Aw thank you! Love that all these things remind you of me. Lemon and poppyseed yum. My NaNoWriMo name was PoppyPancake 🙂 Address sent…Excited.

    Dermott – Will recieve any festive letters with pleasure!

    Claire – Hahahaha! That raised a smile alright. No better girl! What was this in aid of? I will send you my address, friend x

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