Milk Art no.1

In my student flat for this year, we decided to buy our own separate milk each week, and we began marking initials on the milk top or dotting it, or putting an ‘x’ on it to differentiate. Then every so often a little cartoon or funny picture would appear, and then today:

Achieved several LOL's from the kitchen area today

And my very exciting news of the week made it on to MY milk.

It’s true!! Well for the time being. I keep obsessively checking. He only follows 30 people so I am either extremely privileged or the result of a slip of the mouse. I’m sure it’s actually him too. Josh Ritter follows me, @thebadactress on Twitter! I’m sorry you had to find out this way. What do you guys reckon the story is? Does he have biggest fan radar or what? 🙂

Author: Fiona @ lifelyricslemoncake

One thought on “Milk Art no.1”

  1. We share a building with Q1O2, and a few laughs came out when they labelled their milk ‘Q102’- gypsies!! These labels are a lot more entertaining!
    That’s lethal about Josh and Twitter!!, sure he met you and everything, so I doubt its a slip of the mouse haha. Yese are muckers now!!

    Again, nice bolg!

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