Batman Live (6 October 2011)

Batman Live at the Odyssey Arena, Belfast was a visual treat – the gothic Gotham atmosphere was present in the arena long before the show started, the graphics and props were wonderful. A very impressive show with exciting, mildly scary acrobatics…my hands were sweating and I may have had to look away during the most death-defying stunts of the Flying Graysons. The surprises got bigger and better as the night wore on, and I felt we should have rounded up a few kids to bring with us, though the big kids that we are loved every minute of it. The Bat Mobile was a sight to behold- the extended stage was used to great effect. Batman himself was mildly comical, not seeming to be able to move much in his massive costume. The Joker stole the show with his extended chin and giggling villainy. He had the most impressive props, acrobatic cronies and weapons, which provided most of the delightful surprises.His face appeared more than once, hugely from the back of the stage, once with people cleverly folded into the shape of teeth, eyes and curls, and once as a hot air balloon, holding the actual Joker in its basket as it hovered impressively over Batman. The build up to the finale was thrilling, all the villains of Gotham gathered together in the creepy Arkham Asylum – ready to team up so they could get rid of Batman once and for all. Not knowing what to expect I was pleasantly taken unawares and had buckets of fun on a fast paced superhero adventure on a Thursday night.

Author: Fiona @ lifelyricslemoncake

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