Dr Duffy and the Newlyweds

Sounds like a brilliant band, right? No it’s who I spent my day with yesterday and it was very lovely and special so I’m going to write about it. I had arranged to have grown-up coffee with my BFF Aisling at the Boston Tea Party, Craft Village (I wrote about the Craft Village here) and before I arrived into town Aisling had bumped into Claire and Gareth (I wrote about my feelings on Claire getting married here). They were just back from honeymoon and waiting for the keys of their new house, so we had tea and coffee in this lovely little cafe, where we chatted about the wedding and their trip to Jersey while looking up, out of the window at the colourful doors of the people who live above the shops in the craft village. We even got a glimpse into the hall in one of the little apartments as a woman came out to leave her rubbish out. I was going to take a photo of my friends and the view and I wish I did, now.

We wandered around all the charity shops and I immediately bought 4 books, even though I have umpteen books to read, I’m going back to University this month! Books Are:

Calling on Lily- Louise Harwood

Bad Timing – Kat le Vann

Only Say the Word – Niall Williams

Also, to get me out of the shop quicker, I made someone else choose my 4th book cause it was free and I couldn’t see anything so Claire chose The Tenderness ofย  Wolves- Stef Penney randomly. Free to a good home. Haha.

We ended up killing time until 3.30pm when the new married couple had to collect the keys to their first home. Armed with a new kettle, tea bags and biscuits we walked to their new street and complimented the area, which has an abundance of chemists, two pubs, a little shop directly across the street, the Cathedral a stone’s throw away and is just about the centre of town. Things we loved about the house: white floorboards, attic conversion, a secret tiny room, and the fact that it’s not just a student house for a year, and they’re going home at the weekends: this is their new home to start their life together. Fred and George were more than a little jealous, I have to say. We also convinced Gareth to carry Claire over the threshold which was fun! Claire’s Mum and Dad arrived within a few minutes of each other and we all sat around on the unfamiliar furniture sipping tea from disposable cups, discussing moving furniture but thinking about this new space, new home, new life.

On the way home in Claire’s Mum’s car I got chatting to Aisling about the phD she is starting next month. It’s new Alzheimer’s research – I’m really glad she’s doing it as it has a close connection to her heart, and it even sounds vaguely exciting to me – the English student. Really proud of her. Yet more life changes. Feeling very nostalgic and part of something special,ย  like I wanted to crystallise this day and keep it so that I wouldn’t forget it. I wanted to see Mickey to round off this lovely day, but I just shared it all on the phone instead. (He is definitely getting more excited about weddings these days than me ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) So all was left to do was write it down and share it with you.

Author: Fiona @ lifelyricslemoncake


One thought on “Dr Duffy and the Newlyweds”

  1. aw it really was a lovely little day and glad Fred and George were there to help us share the new memories! Remember that there will always be a cup of tea waiting for u wenever u need it, n we dont have to drink out of disposable cups anymore hehe xx

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