1848. Renee Barrett-Arjune, age 41

On September 11th this year I was just as taken aback as everyone that the awful tragedy was 10 years ago. I was only 12, and didn’t hear a peep about it until I was walking towards my house, after a day at the beginning of my 2nd year at secondary school, and one of my siblings was hanging out of the living room window shouting something about a tower. I found Project 2996 on Freshly Pressed the other day and decided to choose a victim who did not yet have a tribute, and write about them.

I chose Renee Barrett-Arjune. Renee, injured in the attack, died on October 18 of her injuries. She left behind her life partner, Enez Cooper, and her 18-year-old son, Eddie, who lived with them. She was 41. She came from Irvingston, New Jersey. Her job was a compensation accountant for the company Cantor Fitzgerald. Here Timothy Hare and Earl Ball remember her with fondness from the Metropolitan Community Church of New York City.

One of Renee’s co-workers from the 1990′s, when she worked the NYU School of Business, told of her tenacity when she went part-time to achieve earning her MBA. “I will never forget her wearing her cap and gown, and proudly letting us know that she finally did it! The MBA was hers!”

I feel sure that Renee was a dedicated and hard-working woman, from her brilliant job in this company that receives a lot of media attention. Her son must think of her every single day, and I’m sure she touched many lives. I wanted to make sure that her death did not go unnoticed. There is no photograph, but I know this was a beautiful woman, a beautiful life.

I wanted to write about Renee’s life, not her death, Google was not much help. I thought it was better to choose someone who I could find little on, than someone who had 4 or 5 tributes already. If anyone has memories of Renee that they would like to share, I would love to hear them.

Links: http://www.jasoncupp.com/2006/09/renee-barrett-arjune/

Photo 9/11 Tribute Lights 2010.


Author: Fiona


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