A few words on the wedding…

Well they did it. Claire and Gareth got married. Today I was exhausted and my feet are sore to the very touch but I have nothing but happy memories from what was a beautiful wedding. From the moment I opened my window and let in the morning at the end of which Claire was getting married, I knew it would be a day to remember.

Claire looked utterly beautiful and so grown up… It was emotional and it all made more sense to me seeing how happy the couple were.  So much hard work went into the day and Claire added many creative touches that are so intertwined with her gorgeous her-ness. I am so very happy for the two very special people we watched promise to love each other forever. They are very loved by their families and friends and I know they will have a great support network and I felt glad to be part of such a good group.

I’m proud of us all for standing around sipping on our glasses looking and sounding so grown up. I felt the wedding feeling of everyone being brought closer and I was heartened by it. These are my few words to mark the occasion as it’s left its own little mark on my heart. * Card by Helen McCartney Designs on Folksy – was very impressed 🙂

Author: Fiona @ lifelyricslemoncake


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