Family Snapshot 2011

This photograph was taken with a 10 second timer last week on my brother’s 21st birthday. It’s my whole family incase you wondered: Clockwise from left Ellen, Clare, Mum, Marie, Grace, Daddy, Me, Sarah, Jacob and Jimmy. (It was semi-early for a Sunday and the 3 eldest had been out celebrating said birthday) Ignore my PJs and hangover, please. I just got a wee intake of breath when I saw it, a snapshot of reality as it is now – crazy and busy with all these people, and wonder and hope for blessings for the future for all these people who I love so much.


Author: Fiona

8 thoughts on “Family Snapshot 2011”

  1. Eibhlin liked seeing this photo 🙂 You’re so lucky to have such a lovely big family!
    I can’t believe how old Grace looks! In my head she should still look like Sarah’s age.
    P.S Proud that I can name them all, and in order of age too.

    1. I’m glad Eibhlin liked the photo! She was a playgroup staple in most of our lives!! Except me… but I got you instead 🙂 Yeah I can’t get over Grace myself half the time, started St. Marys without a peep. She’s far too cool for a first year. No hint of greasy hair and massive blazer there. I like when people can name them all 🙂 You pay attention 😉 Must be all those family prayers… God Bless Aoibheann, Sean, Cormac, Aisling… haha x

  2. Aw this is gorgeous, ur parents should be so proud of the beautiful family they have.
    Also, I was looking at it for ages going that can’t be Grace! I remember taking her out in the pram for a walk when we were in secondary school. Funny how it really is a snapshot, everyone wil age and all will change again! x

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