Remnants of a Room

I finally got to see the flat in Belfast I will be living in during the week, this coming academic year. It’s a brilliant location, like less that 5 minutes from the main part of the University and the library. In my room I found these traces of the previous occupant. A ticket for a train to Dublin in February 2011 and a receipt from The Temple Bar in Dublin the same night, for a Bulmers. A wee leather part from a buckle and a sticker from a pair of knickers! There was also a little gold glitter in a corner of one of the drawers, a penny, a hair clip, and slight make-up stains on the carpet. I wonder what she studied, if she’s finished with University now… if she bought new knickers and got dolled up with glitter and make up to meet someone in Dublin. Maybe he met her at the train station…

Here’s Josh Ritter and The Royal City Band: ‘Remnant’ ❤

Author: Fiona @ lifelyricslemoncake

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