We are marriage age now?

Claire at her Hen Do last week. It was our first one! That's another story...

This is Claire. She is getting married in just over a week’s time. She is one of my oldest friends, I met her on the first day of secondary school in September 2000. I still have this snapshot image of her playing some silly ice-breaker game in the old ‘Sports Hall’ on that very first day. Also we have this other strange connection which I think I mentioned before, that we were Christened on the same day- at the same ceremony (there were 4 babies christened that day) and it was a photo that told us this like 13 years later.

Anyway, all this excitement of the wedding and the disbelief that my friend, my contemporary is getting married is kind of bringing some thoughts to the fore. Although it’s only Claire and Gareth who are getting married, I have a feeling that all of our friends’ lives are going to change, are entering a new stage of life. Although I still feel like little more than a child, I am now apparently of marriageable age, this hadn’t really occurred to me before now.Β  I feel like once one person gets married it might perhaps open the flood gates. I’m not explaining myself very well but I do feel that this wedding is a kind of landmark in my life and my friends’. Nevermind Claire, biggest day of hers. This is having a big impact on me. I joked I would have to blog about it as some sort of therapy for myself. I was texting my other friend Aisling (the bridesmaid ! aghh it’s all so real!) about this today and she said “I know, everyone moving away to do new things. We’re the group of twenty-somethings that people write sitcoms and books about!! Weeeird.” She is very good with words, and poetic for a science chick, Aisling. But anyway. This made sense but also freaked. me. out. When did I become an interesting twenty-something who is in charge of my own life? Would my life even be sitcom worthy? I think they would pass me by!

Everyone works at their own pace after all.Β  Claire is at a place in her life that marriage makes sense and feels right at this time. I obviously have a little way to go… if I am struggling to put my 22-year-old self with my 5 year relationship in her undoubtedly gorgeous bridal shoes at this time. We are both happy, and that is the main thing. I am looking forward to everyone getting together to wish Claire and Gareth all the love and happiness in the world, and I know that it’s good people and friends that I am surrounded with who will do the same for me when my time comes, and who I’m looking forward to bringing in this new phase of grown-up life with.


Author: Fiona


5 thoughts on “We are marriage age now?”

  1. Oh my god I’m the same… I know a few people our age getting married in the next year or so and it’s scary that is this something I might have to actually think about in the next few of years. Lord…

  2. Best wishes to Claire and Gareth. Met them on Clare Island last year the night before they climbed Croagh Patrick and Gareth popped the big question. Had a bottle of champers to greet them on their return trip on the Ferry and met them again later that night for celebratory drinks.. Here’s hoping they have a long and happy life together and that they come back and visit us on Clare Island again in the near future. Such a lovely couple deserve all the happiness that life can bring.

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