The new kitten

My boyfriend’s brother got a kitten for his birthday. I’m really afraid of her! I know she’s only tiny but her claws and her unpredictable leaping make me nervous. She’s beautiful. He called her Jade. I thought it was because she has jade-green eyes but it’s something to do with Mortal Kombat. Le sigh. 🙂

I’m hesitant about going over there now, a five foot something girl afraid of a tiny kitten! I was wearing peep toe wedges last night and I feared for my exposed tootsies. I grew edgy when I couldn’t see her under the table and she kept disappearing into/ out of the darkness. I may have even said that I wasn’t coming over anymore.

I’ve grown shy of our feline friends in my old age. When I was quite young my godmother involved me in choosing the bed and toys and feeding bowl etc for her two imminent kittens. She also allowed me to choose a name for the girl kitten. It was Pebbles. I wanted to call the boy one Bam Bam but they drew the line with that one. Haha. When the Pebbles and Charlie arrived I was excited and loved them and wasn’t afraid. 2 years ago I visited my auntie and was so nervous around the mature, adult cats it was ridiculous. It just takes some getting used to I hope.

Everyone in Mickey’s house are used to having a dog, they had a big scary one for years, and are kind of treating Jade like a puppy. Mickey still hasn’t picked her up yet and he covers his eyes when she climbs precariously on to the tip top of the kitchen chairs. He rang me yesterday to tell me in a shocked voice that she ran up his leg when he picked up her ball.”Wait to you hear what the cat did to me…you WON’T like it.”

I’ve only ever had goldfish so I’m a bit useless. I really want to get a dog when I have my own place and I’m grown up and sensible. I remember learning about persuasion in advertising or something when I was in primary school and designing a poster persuading my parents to get a dog, I was so sure it would work…and weeping in the cubby hole under the stairs when my Mum said of course we weren’t getting a dog. She has enough bums to clean she said.

So, although Jade is not my pet, I just thought that I would write something about the initial nervousness around new pets, because it always gets forgotten about when the pet becomes ingrained in family life, and no one can imagine life without her. Welcome, Jade! I hope we can be friends.


Author: Fiona

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