Would you ever get a Tattoo?

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I always said that I wouldn’t get a tattoo. A variety of reasons, but I can’t imagine not getting bored with whatever I chose. However, if something meant enough to me that I would wish to make that sort of commitment to have it inked on to my skin, I might get one. I’m thinking a lyric, or perhaps a literary tattoo. Words. It would mostly definitely be Josh Ritter’s lyrics but I would have a very difficult time trying to decide which.


Every heart is a package tangled up in knots someone else tied. – Kathleen

Just pin your heartbeat up against my heartbeat, and you’ll see how well we rhyme – Bright Smile

So throw away those lamentations, we both know them all too well, if there’sĀ  a book of jubilations we’ll have to write it for ourselves – Lantern

Actually I don’t know if they would be tattoo choices but I love them! I kind of want the whole of ‘Lantern’ etched into my skin when I think about it šŸ™‚ I know that there is a wave of actual tattoos OF lanterns and ‘Hold it high for me’s’ thanks to Josh.

Also, on researching this: the world of Harry Potter tattoos has been opened up to me. Yes it may sound like a bad idea… but the originality is admirable and there is something wonderful about the more subltle ones. I’m not talking needling Daniel Radcliffe’s face onto your belly or anything.

This one makes me smile- via

I think I may have opened a can of worms here. I wonder if my family and friends would disown me if I got a subtle HP Tattoo? Hmm. Here’s a nice little collection.

So…what is YOUR take on this issue? Do you or would you ever get a tattoo? On the fence here!

Author: Fiona @ lifelyricslemoncake


8 thoughts on “Would you ever get a Tattoo?”

  1. Oh no…I wish I hadn’t of clicked that link, now I want more tattoos! All mine so far have a wee story to go with them, and I like that šŸ™‚
    I think you should get one, you’re defs cool enough to pull it off! Love the idea of me, you and Laffs getting matching geeky Harry Potter ones. I bet the Marauders had something like that! We could be the Melrosers?! hehe xxx

    1. I want to read a story about all your tattoos. I just realised that I’m surrounded by friends with tattoos. All my female friends anyway. The ladies are obviously much cooler than the lads. Aw that’s a pretty great compliment…! *smug*
      Ha, I love that too! “I solemnly swear that I won’t touch your food” *ahem* haha! Aww this would be funny to think about. As well as aching to get a Hogwarts letter, I used to ache with wanting to be at least friends with Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs. Ahh What are we going to do without them all? šŸ˜¦ xxx

  2. I have a million zillion ideas for more tattoos! so much so that i have a wee folder dedicated to it on my lappy lol šŸ™‚ but can never decide which to get first / where to actually get said tattoo… i change my mind too much! i’ll stick with my silly star until i stick with an idea for more than 4 months… that’s my wee deal with myself! me and lana were really serious about a wee deathhly hallows symbol, after DH Part 2! dunno if we’re still up for it now after the emotions have died down [a little bit!] i reckon you should defs get a josh ritter lyric but šŸ™‚ would be lovely. x

  3. I am way too chicken and indecisive to ever get a tattoo. Have also seen quite a few ‘age’ badly. I tell my kids – well my daughter, it would be like buying a skirt she likes today and committing to wearing it every day for the rest of her life regardless of how fashions change and how she may grow out of it. Harsh?
    Here are some NOT to get btw.

    but it is very addictive to see how bad some of these are.

    Love your blog btw.

  4. I would really love to get a tattoo, but being undecisive and afraid of the pain doesn’t help. I want to get something that means something to me, i was going to get sentimental lyrics from my favourite song. i was also going to get a tree to symbolise family, i just cant decide…

    Bad tatto’s are bad, i think as long as you set your heart on it and go to an established local tattoo artist you cant go far wrong. apparently a guy here in Derry will tell you he wont do it if he knows it wont turn out good.

  5. Hey! I read this and saw someone else actually listens to josh ritter! He is amazing! I actually got to meet him, he’s really sweet! but anyways, I was thinking about a tattoo with his lyrics but im not sure how to go about it. Ideas?? Tankssss a heap:)

    1. Hey Kellee šŸ™‚ Yay, it is always great to find other Josh fans. I really love him! I’ve met him too – treasured memories. He just keeps getting better. Yeah, I’m kind of stuck with what way to go about it too, I would have a hard enough time narrowing down the lyrics… I’ll let you know if I think of anything! Thanks for stopping by.

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