Markéta Irglová and @thebadactress

I may have to start a category for celebrity Twitter replies at this rate! A few days ago, I saw in the land of tweets that Markéta Irglová got married. I simply dropped her a little reply offering my congratualtions. I do love when people get married! Especially cute people like her.

I did forget all about it, and then on Saturday just before I went for a very fun bbq and drink in a friend’s house, I checked my twitter and had not one, but two replies from her!

Isn’t that just lovely? Yes I did have to be talked through Print Screen a few hours ago. It probably looks like I made this myself on Paint…

I love Marketa in ‘Once’ with Glen Hansard… oh how I cried. Such a gorgeous film. Me and @caoimhetracey also had a lovely wee night at The Swell Season in Derry the night before I went on my first ‘proper’ holiday to Salou in 2009. She’s a talented musician and actress, just a year older than me and I sincerely do hope that she has a lifetime of happiness and love with her lucky new husband, Tim.

Author: Fiona @ lifelyricslemoncake

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