Foo Fighters (3 July, Milton Keynes Bowl)

I want to share a little bit of it with you, and keep a record of it because it meant something to me.

I have seen Foo Fighters once before, in Marlay Park, Dublin in August 2007. Is that really nearly 4 years ago? Wow. So I knew that I was in for something amazing. It was a bit of a trek for us to get to Milton Keynes from Derry. We were staying at King’s Cross,

Destination : Foo Fighters. Loved this !

London for 3 or 4 days. So we flew from Derry to Stansted, got the train to London Liverpool Street, and then a tube to King’s Cross. On the morning of the concert, ours was the 2nd night-Sunday, the Victoria Line was closed so we got a bus to Victoria Coach Station and then looked out for the bus that was to take us to the concert.

So, we were there a bit ridiculously early, we wandered around the stalls and mini amusement park and checked out the vast, grassy Milton Keynes Bowl.

With a pang of regret we bypassed the queue for wristbands to the pit. (Daniel would have been ashamed of us, we were sure.) We settled for a patch of grass high on the ‘bowl’ so that we all would definitely be able to see. (At Marlay Park I couldn’t see anything!!) What was lost on atmosphere and slightly on sound, was made up for in space and a clear view of the stage and the 65,000 people. I have never seen such a big crowd in my life!

The crowd had a few novel ways of passing the hours before any music started. I worked on getting my shoulders very burnt, as I didn’t think to bring any sun cream. It was a gorgeous day. Mickey and me zoomed into people in the crowd with my amazing new camera. We tried to find out what the biggest ratio of t-shirt colour was. (Blue) It’s hard to explain but the people at the VERY front, who probably couldn’t move at all,

Crowd building up...

started passing two beach balls back and forth among their own sides. If one ball, or even better, both got passed to the other side, there was cheering and chanting and giving of grief, it was really funny to watch. Also, this topless, drunk guy near to us kept initiating Mexican Waves until it finally reached the whole way around the sides of the bowl, right to the few stragglers at the end. This met with rapturous applause.

Bob Mould started DJing around 4 o Clock. I don’t know if many people recognised him from ‘Back and Forth’ (he sings Dear Rosemary with Dave) but Mickey did. He was doing this hilarious dad dance as he spun the decks. Then we had the Hot Rats, more DJing. Jimmy Eat World were excellent, but there was a lack of interest as there often is with support. Biffy Clyro played next, and you could tell that there were some people who had only come to see them. I kind of wish I had listened to Biffy Clyro a bit in the weeks before I went, I never have listened to them and I think I would have enjoyed it more if I did. I was just restless for Foos to come on!

So, Foo Fighters were amazingly wonderful as I hoped they would be. Dave Grohl bursts on to the stage with huge energy and grins and RWAGGGHHHs. He loves what he does and it’s infectious and I even got the feeling that he wouldn’t mind being in the middle of the pit himself. He said he was going to leave the comedy to the comedians and just concentrate on playing as many songs from the last 16 years as he possibly could. He still got loads of laughs though. ‘Bridge Burning’ and ‘Rope’ were perfect songs to start with, the audience sang and went crazy.


Foo Fighters Concert Setlist at Milton Keynes National Bowl, Milton Keynes on July 3, 2011 |

An amazing photo Mickey took of the screen and Dave

Dave ran down the runway thing and disappeared into the cameras to emerge in front of a screen that had been set up halfway down the arena, the people behind that screen were so lucky, they had NO view of the stage at all, but now had Dave in the flesh to look at, “You guys thought you had the shittiest seats ever, and now look at you!” He played stacked actors, I think, “For all you crazy motherf**kers at the back.” I can’t tell you how hardcore I feel when Dave Grohl calls me a crazy motherf**ker.

I think my favourite part was for the 1st encore, Dave sang ‘Wheels’ solo and 65,000 sang softly along with him. It was such a moment! He was visibly touched and I don’t think it was the 4 beers talking when

Dave teasing us from backstage about how many songs to sing for the encore...while Taylor Hawkins lay collapsed on the floor, shaking his head weakly!

he said we were like “F**king family” and thanked us for sticking by Foo Fighters and asking us to keep coming back, so that they could. ‘Times Like These’ was pretty emotional too. I nearly had a happy tear. Dave brought a rather drunk Butch Vig onto the stage to thank him, he then introduced surprise guests Seasick Steve and John Paul Jones for a few more songs. Mickey and I were saying we wish that Foos didn’t feel they needed special guests, we would have been happier with a few more songs they weren’t able to fit in like No Way Back or DOA. They ARE enough all on their own. But I also think they were simply trying to ‘give back’ as much of a good show as they could to their fans. But we all loved it all the same.

The concert ended with ‘Everlong’ and a big fireworks display. It was an incredible experience, and as I have more time to think about it I enjoy it more and more and it’s one I’ll never forget.


Author: Fiona

3 thoughts on “Foo Fighters (3 July, Milton Keynes Bowl)”

  1. Great Post!!
    I absolutely loved every minute of this show and perhaps next time we should get a little closer to the rough and tumble in the massive crowd!
    Definitely a highlight of the summer.

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