More Potter?

**May contain Harry Potter spoilers**

So what do we all make of Pottermore? I’ve been trying to look up theories but I’m not coming up with anything interesting! I personally hope that if not a new book, some piece of writing at least from J.K Rowling. No, I am hoping for a book. I read that Scholastic has ruled this out, but I shall cling on to hope. I don’t particularly want another Harry Potter book, the finality of it is looming with the release of the Deathly Hallows 2 film next month. A little part of me died when I finished book 7 I must say. But another visit to the Wizarding World in book form would be interesting… however, it must be about Harry…or at least the Potters (Pottermore.) Ooh, perhaps some kind of prequel?

I can’t see myself getting overly excited for a website, no matter how great it is. Yes, an encyclopedia would be fascinating and J.K Rowling’s website was pretty impressive, especially when you had to work out all the codes and riddles for upcoming book titles etc…Ah those were the days. But unless the website keeps us up to date with Harry’s current life (His birthday is 1980 apparently, so he’s 31 now!) I’m finding it hard to imagine it being anything astounding. Would be happy to be proved wrong, however.

I’m quite enjoying the mystery surrounding it. It’s oh so very J.K don’t you think? She is making an annoucement on Thursday…the day I get my exam results, and will probably be in Belfast, to move out and hopefully attend a wedding…

So, got any Pottermore theories? And aren’t you just SO excited for Deathly Hallows Part 2?


Author: Fiona

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